Final Headband Version. The end of my eyestrain

Hi everybody!

Sorry I was working a lot in my Vr companies and I doesn’t have time to give my latest mod version.

Some notes: My eyestrain is gone.

I realized that the problem was the distance with the lenses. I always searched the maximum FOV, and get close to the lenses.

I found that… if you get too close to it, then you have a lot more eyestrain and glares. But with a distance the FOV is reduced from 175 to 140-150, but now my eyestrain is gone and flares too.

One more thing, I had to adjust the height of one of my eyes in 0.5. And I use my near IPD. Now my vision is perfect.

Ok. The headband. I created it to compensate the weight around my face and temples.

Now the DAS is connected directly to the headband. It the way it works perfect because all the weight go to the headband and not to your face.

Comfort: 10

And I have more distance to the lenses, because the HMD is “floating” in front of my face.

I think that if Pimax Official Headband can do the same, the it will solve all the problems and made Pimax the most comfortable HMD.

Here you have the link to the obj:

Sorry, I made this with my measures, and the design isn’t the most beautiful hahaha and the wireframe is a mess. But you can adjust it a bit to your face if you want to try it.

Here you have some photos.



Ah! Please one more thing. I need your help.

I don’t know why but when I move my head I always have jumping frames. I trying deactivating Smooth Movement and trying differents Hz, but I always have this with latest 180 version.

Somebody knows what can be the problem?

@PimaxVR can you help me? Or somebody?


I was also having skips and jumps in the frames with 180, it went back to normal after reverting to 144.

I was trying to print your previous version but never managed to get it to print successfully, do you have any notes on what orientation/supports etc to use?

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I only load the obj in Repetier and print it with the default support hehe I don’t have advanced 3d print knowledge sorry :slight_smile:

@Yen Did you notice less distortion with the increased distance?

Ou yeah. The distortion is absolutely gone, glare too, and eyestrain.

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@Heliosurge Can we add this thread to a list of possible fixes for the eyestrain ossue under the banner topic?

I finally managed to get this thing to print (5% infill and it still took 18 hours on my Anycubic).

I have found even with minimal cushioning, for my face this positions the HMD WAY too far away from my eyes, I get the, ‘watery’, ‘fishbowl’ effect around the outside edges of my view in that yes I see minimised distortion but only because I basically don’t see the edges of the FOV at all that would normally be mildly distorted.

The headstrap takes the pressure off my face and reduces eyestrain in effect, but the same way it normally would by having the HMD screwed out too far with the DAS, it effectively occludes the areas that are normally warped with blur.

The best solution I have found so far with the most minimized distortion and max comfort has been 3x strips of velcro stacked on the top part of the HMD interface, stock Pimax cushion, then the Pleather Vive VR Cover over the top of that combined with the DAS.