Firmware confusion

What is the latest and greatest firmware i should be using to take advantage of the latest pe


this is what i currently have

this is what its telling me is available


There is 294 on this forum. I believe it enabled the backlight and such that folks said make the 8kX colors pop instead of being so flat.

Not sure if that 294 is newer than one on forum or not. @Alex.liu?


you mean 2294? as in the screen shot? or is that another lovely PiTool thing

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No idea why the extra 2 is there. Why I have tried poking Alex.

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Yeah it gets confusing. But PE is nice, it’s worth the effort.

Could be great to have PE integrated into pitool’s next versions.


PE releases are more frequent than Pitool. However they need to make away to release these internal versions with standard pitool version numbering.

Even if using Odds for these test version and Evens for more official release.

Ie 267 v1 - v# test releases(or use RC=Release Candidate 1 - x)
268 standard release.

I get the feeling that PE was more of an unofficial project that is not fully supported by the internal Pimax team and has now far exceeded it.

I think the left hand needs to reach an agreement with the right here for the best of Pimax and revamp Pitool to be more inline with the technology and code base of PE

Like a big unification project across Desktop and VR.

For example. In Pitool you can see the firmware version and the Pitool Version but it doesnt list the PVRHome(PE) version.

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I am not sure I agree with that sentiment at all. At least not if you are suggesting in any way to combine PiTool and Pimax Experience.

Generally, it can be a very bad idea to mix complicated features in the codebase for essential driver/configuration software - which PiTool is - because performance is critical there.

As it is, I have to go through hours of testing before I can become confident in any particular version of PiTool having the performance I expect.

I think he is more referring to a plugin idea with Pitool showing PE release. Now he might also be referring to having an option for pitool to check and give an option to download a lastest PE release -> which will likely come though a bit early yet to have this.

@drowhunter from discussing with team why we have been receiving internal test versions has to do with helping to enable features for PE. Which is okay; however they need to revise Internal versions to have a version number similar to how I mentioned above. Many linux distros have a similar model to what I am suggesting. This would also make possible to opt in and opt out. Ie Official releases would only check for Even number releases while Release Candidates version would simply use the version number.

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