Firmware update with latest Pitool Release

Firmware update with latest Pitool Release

Hey guys, according to the announcement

" Pitool Update
We have a new version of Pitool in testing that contains a number of bug fixes and requested improvements. This version includes optimizations for controller tracking when there are very rapid movements, it resolves known problems where HMD would not upgrade the Firmware automatically, it also allows certain 5K+ to run in 144Hz mode and it updates the hand tracking integration and more. We will release more detailed information once this is released."

I have updated my Pitool to the latest version, V1.0.1.259 (please confirm)
and then i proceeded to update the Pimax 5K+ (serial 204) to the latest headset firmware and it failed half way through.

do i re downloaded the Pi tool and updated it to V1.0.1.259 and then proceeded to update the firmware again but says “No update available” is this because it has already updated somehow? if not how do i fix this?

the Headset firmware says V2.1.255.264) is this correct?

@PimaxQuorra and @Heliosurge


264vis the 5k+ new firmware. If your headset is working. Then it looks like it must have somehow been successful.


Hi R1182,

Yes sir, 264FW is the latest version.


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hello, can we change the firmware version? because with the latest version the screen is too dark.

thx you for your help.


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It’s not a firmware issue; it’s a PiTool problem. Here’s a solution…


Thanks for your answer. So just install the pitool 144 and increase the bcklight brightness. Before installing 159, you need to properly uninstall 144? deleting all the files and in appdata? because uninstalling 144, the settings about backlight will also be removed^^

Apparently. I haven’t done it.

I’ve never bothered to remove the existing PiTool and drivers, before doing a new install. Yes, the newer versions of PiTool no longer have a Backlight Brightness option, but it seems that the actual setting (in the headset/drivers) retains the previous setting value.


How is this a solution if the PT144 has trouble recognizing 5K+ SN204 headsets? How many are out there and suddenly their stuff may stop working properly, who don’t find their way to the forums… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You Just need to use one that still has the back-light option coded in still.
i just used 1 off the back of my head that i remembered had it.

So, just keep using a newer one after PT.144, and report back that still has it before it was removed and worked for you(SN204).

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My firmware says it didn’t complete the process but when I turned off and on my computer it was completely installed.

I had this problem too. PiTool was upgraded, but not all of the components were. My headset was reported as “not detected”. I manually downloaded the installer and then flashed the firmware.

Here are the details. Read the following posts for links and instructions…

Where can i get a working link for 144 ?

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For me, the firmware upgrade always fails. When I try the manual process, DFUUpgrade can’t find the USB device…

Try running Dfu.exe in the pitool folder abd select the firmware file to flash.

If using the one included in pitool it is in tge subdirectory called dfudrivers. P2.dfu


Thanks for this but it didn’t work either. I had to connect the headset’s USB to my laptop and run DFUUpgrade there. It seems that my main computer now has an incompatible Windows driver. I found the info here:

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