Flashed old firmware to 204 - bricked?

I have accidentally flashed old firmware to my P5k+ 204 ( P2_RELEASE_M248_t20191112.dfu - not sure if flashing ends) and now led indicator show pink-white light something like that. What was trick with buttons to reset/turn off HMD ? Another problem is that I cant load any dfu right now but maybe after reseting with button trick. Need help , don’t know what to do :slight_smile:


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thanks for old stuff , but that not solved my particular Pimax 5k+ 204 issue . Pimax is not turning on after my dfu play.

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Check here in @Davebobman’s Wiki

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So there is another button trick as the one he describes at 15:00min in on the video? Sorry not aware of that one.

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also Sjefke Pimax flasher says no device found when tried enter DFU mode

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Have you tried killing piservers and running the dfu.exe from pitool directory?

If so you may need a support ticket. I know there was a couple of methodes described in the wiki.

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Yes I tryied and will try again - need to sleep couple hours. Problem is when I’m doing based Sweviwer way with 3 buttons, colors are changing and blinking but when pressing load firmware Pimax led turns white again and dfu stops loading. Sweviver used old dfu based command line but link for download is broken thats probably mean we should used this gui DFU from Pitool pack.


I believe @JoCool experienced the similar thing.


When it happened to me (stuck at 100%, headset LEDs flashing), I just rebooted and when I started PiTool the flashing restarted (and completed).

It seemed like it edited the DFU mode at startup so the PiTool service must have initialized/reset the headset state at startup.

Yes, dfu.exe.


I had the same. No GUI doesn’t work, only command line. The dfu doesn’t have anything to do with the method, you can use the command line for any version. If you don’t follow Swevivercs video it does not work.

I’ll be on later today, are you on SCG discord (IL-2)? Got Taw TS as well, can help you then.


ok - thanks , will poke you at discord if P5k dont work till than

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Not sure what you mean and how you do that ? when using command line it still opens gui dfu ( C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime>dfu.exe 0 p2.dfu ) says that it needs pimax service to run , which I killed based sweviver YT material. When starting Pimax services as dfu wants headset stops blinking red/blue/green goes into white light and dfu mode is not possible.
Tell me please what dfu version have you used and where you get it ?

@hooligander , @JoCool

Tryied also recive help from Pimax bot got reply about Spring Festival (24/01/2020 - 31/01/2020) …

Edit :
I have downloaded and installed DfuSeCoomand from producer page but is newer version than Martin used and it doas not recognize my device anyway also there are some new commands.

but in command line getting info -“0 DFU device found , plug usb device”
bad luck all the time !:cold_sweat:

Edit 2 :sunny: This s#@! is working again !!! Just changed USB 3.0 which usally Pimax occupy for USB 2.0 and vouila - DfuSeCommand works like a charm !

@Heliosurge please close this thread - thanks


Just to be sure it now worked like it is described in the video i posted? You only had to change the USB port?

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its a bit more complicated right now - you must download new tool from producer page (Edit 1) use a bit different parameter ( help under SeDfuCommand ?) or use sjef flasher and change port for usb 2.0


Okay thank you. 20chars

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Glad to read you could solve it.

I used Sweviver’s video, with firmware 255 and this software:

The DFUupgrade.zip link from SweViver’s video “Pimax for dummies” has been removed by Pimax staff that edited the website! @Heliosurge @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra @SweViver

(The now-dead link was at http://pisetup.pimaxvr.com/DFUupgrade.zip)


Probably related to the broken older pitool links.

Yeah, probably :+1:

This one is needed though - we weren’t aware of that Yata_PL couldn’t even use the right one. Had I known this, I would have offered direct help earlier. He’s a fellow IL-2 simulator jockey. :+1:


Yeh I wish I know this before I lost 5 hours to solve that puzzle :smile: But anyway thanks for your help.
BTW how do you like your 5k+ 204 ? I missed 72 hz mode for IL2. 65hz is a bit too low for my liking , 90 hz unplayable with my high SS preference.

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