Flickering/shimmering in the picture

Hi I was wondering since I got my 8kx I notice that there is sort of a flickering or shimmering in the image of my headset but it’s not because of the parallel setting it’s something that’s always there it’s with every game it’s pretty subtle but with some games more noticeable then with others especially no mans sky has this a lot maybe it’s with certain colors or textures I don’t know but would this happen because of some setting on my computer or does anyone else see this cause I thought maybe this is a vr thing but tried my friends oculus quest 2 the other day and that doesn’t have this at all anybody here has this problem or…?

google Aliasing …chars chars chars

yeah it’s probably aliasing, funny screen door was the problem and now we’ve filled in the gaps for the most part and now people are noticing the pixels. if you’re running at a low refresh rate like 60hz you’d probably notice a screen flicker/strobe in light/white scenes… some people are still sensitive to that at higher refresh rates too.

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So what can be done to not see this? I don’t really understand why a quest 2 headset doesn’t have this problem and an 8kx does
Shouldn’t this be fixed by the device developers? Am running at 90hz on a rtx 3090
But also had this problem at 75hz
Makes no difference

higher Ingame/GPU- Driver Antialiasing (MSAA/FXAA etc.) or higher Supersampling can help.

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Ok thanks I’m going to give it a try