Follow up for BS delivery and 5k+ RMA (backer)

Follow up for BS delivery and 5k+ RMA (backer)


I’m going to update here how my case is progressing. Here’s a link to a original post in PimaxQuorra support: update 30.5.2020 PimaxQuorra made this topic a pm so the link is apparently not working.

23.2.2020 RMA cracked 5k+ (ticket #24211)

11.3.2020 BS delivery (ticket #24684)

15.5.2020 Response from PimaxQuorra

  • no news from bs or rma

19.5.2020 Response from PimaxQuorra

  • see link above


  • Response from Vivi in short: Marseille staff will go to a post office to check where the RMA might be at the moment. No actual news so far


  • Response from Doris about basestations: We’re now counting the number of backers who had pledged…etc. No actual news so far

  • Also asked my shipping information, I copy/pasted it from the same message chain


  • no news from bs or rma


  • RMA is being returned to the sender (la Poste tracking page)


  • no news from bs or rma


  • no news from bs or rma

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Hi @loska
Did you choose fedex or standard shipping?

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Hi Trevor,

Pimax didn’t contact me so I never got a change to choose. I made a ticket about it, see above link #1 post, pls.

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Yeah, most of the announcements happens only here on the forum.
We can only ping @PimaxQuorra and try to speed things up a bit.


update: see the first message

Friday update: see the first message.

I also have to mention that I asked Vivi why nobody has visited post office this week like promised. This time it was a national holiday: Nobody in France is apparently at work on friday, day after the ascencion day (which is a national holiday also in Finland). I don’t know if it’s so or was it just another noncommittal excuse we are getting used to. Maybe some French forum member can confirm if it’s true or not.

I think a lot of people took the Friday off in order to get a long weekend.
You’re talking about the RMA now? How about the basestations, did you get the tracking number?

No news from a basestation either.

Update: RMA is being returned to the sender (la Poste tracking page)

My tracking number is active again and it seems that the RMA is being returned to me starting 18.5.2020.

What makes me angry is this:


Restrictions have been reduced in France. I hope you can pick the RMA asap. I really hope that it is still in post office. If not, i would like to know where it’s located at the moment. I understand the covid situation but this has allready taken nearly 2 and a 1/2 monts by now and is getting a bit frustrating.

Best regards

Response from Vivi 12.5.2020
Dear loska,

I understand your frustration. I am as anxious as you. I will confirm let the warehouse staff contact the local post asasp. Once they received your return, I will let you know. Sorry again for the trouble.

I also got promises afterwards that they will take care of the matter.

So this whole situation could have been avoided. I sent the RMA 9.3.2020, let’s see how long this episode will last. Bring your own popcorn!

update: no news from bs or rma

Besides now it seems that my ticket for the bs is missing.

PimaxQuorra also made my topic ((BS shipping (KS backer) and 5k+ RMA)) to a pm in PimaxQuorra support.

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update 2.6.2020: no news from bs or rma

Tracking information from la Poste says that the RMA (return to the sender) from Marseile is ready for a pick up. Only thing is that there’s nothing to pick up. I went to a post office and they didn’t know anything about it. Tracking number didn’t help either. Let’s see what’s going to happen.

BS: PimaxQuorra promised me 3 days ago to ask Emily for more information about the missing ticket. Still waiting. I’m probably going to open a new topic about it if personal mailing with Quorra don’t lead anywhere.

If you are in France, just call La Poste and let them explain that. The tracking info is published by them and they should be able to explain what happened (or what they are showing on the tracking page). You were a sender and now it seems you are also a receiver so you should be able to get the information from them. I am afraid that Pimax cannot do much in this case.

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