Follow-up on my Review

Edit 2: Pitools update made no difference.

So I finally got time last night to actually sit and play some games without interruption. I spent some time in Half Life: Alyx, Onward, & Karnage Chronicles.

Unfortunately, I have a serious issue with the headset. Worse than the eye strain mentioned in my last post.

In dark scenes, the bottom-right quadrant of the Left Screen seems to disproportionately darkens as compared to the right screen. It either doesn’t happen or isn’t noticeable in lit scenes/menus/etc… but can easily be noticed in dark scenes or even just in the empty steamVR circular-grid-floor environment (whatever its called). If I were to compare the effect with something, it’s like I’d stared at the sun and have an afterimage darkening that part of my vision. Really disorienting, and gives that “maybe I need to turn on parallel projection” feel when certain game effects don’t render properly in both eyes (except it’s anything in that part of the screen).

I’m obviously not an expert on the tech, but after spending about two hours with one eye closed trying to see where the problem lies, it seems to me it’s either a bad screen or a defective lens.

(removed paragraph on not finding support ticket now that I found it).

Can anyone at Pimax (@PimaxUSA ?) get back to me and discuss next steps? I really want to keep this headset, but I can’t do so if I have to struggle with both eye strain from IPD irregularities (as compared to the 5k+) AND inconsistent brightness.

Thank you.

Tested with my 8KX and I dont have such a problem. No Matter which game.

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Sounds like a defect in the backlight to me. You just bought the 5K+?

The problem is on the 8kX to be clear. My 5k+ is great, fits great, feels great, and I’ve had since launch (I’m a backer).

Hey @PimaxUSA/@PimaxQuorra can you help out? My ticket’s been open for five days now and I don’t even have an acknowledgement that it’s been seen. I have a defective headset and would like to get the replacement process going.

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Please share the ticket number to us, we gonna ask the technician to diagnose the problem and figure out the solution.

You can always PM us the ticket number or any relevant information.


Cool just did that thx!

@PimaxUSA; @PimaxQuorra and anyone else who’ll listen

The last update i got from Quorra was: “We gonna talk with the technician about your request. But we couldn’t promise we are able to persuade them for any refund / replacement, but will try our best to do so.”

Which is completely unacceptable. I have serious issues with my headset, including inconsistent backlighting and a light bleed within the headset itself (not from outside light) that is plainly visible in the picture I sent (see below). I suspect the inconsistent backlight is related to the light bleed. I’m not asking Pimax to fix the eye strain - it’s plainly obvious that it’s the result of a design that’s simply not compatible with my face. I can deal with that by playing with the physical and software IPD. But I CANNOT deal with inconsistent backlight and lightbleed from within the headset itself! It’s incredibly crazy that you guys are already warning me I might be denied a replacement.

I’ve been a backer and vocal supporter of Pimax since the Kickstarter. This isn’t the right way to treat a loyal customer.

I need a replacement arranged and I need the process started expeditiously. Please reply by tomorrow afternoon eastern time confirming that you’ll be arranging a replacement with me. I’m not in a rush to have it done, but I AM in a rush to get an answer. You simply cannot compete in the American market if you refuse to warranty something so blatantly broken with your product.