For 8kx pre-order who have get a refund of the VAT, your order may be delayed, please check this topic

  1. Problem description:

Yesterday I received a lot of private messages from Pimax users, and they all came to ask me why their orders have not been shipped yet. I checked their orders and then I found a problem:

Their orders were partially refunded once because the price had been changed. The order time then became the new time when the order was modified. Thus these orders were put behind the original waiting list so the delivery time being delayed. For example, A customer bought 8kx in October, but there was something wrong with his/her order. In December, the customer changed the order correctly, and the time of placing the order was then changed to December. This is why some people haven’t got their products while those who were supposed to be later than them did.

We must admit that this is our mistake. Until today, we have been delivering goods to customers smoothly every working day. However, we haven’t realized the above incidents. No wonder we are keeping delivering goods, yet some customers still complain about our delivery speed. This is a terrible error in our order processing system, a total disaster! I sincerely apologize to everyone here. We are really sorry for every customer whose orders were influenced by this.

  1. Processing method

After this problem being detected, I immediately reported this serious issues to my company and we have made a solution to this emergency. Now I can directly deliver the goods to the customers whose orders have been delayed by this special reason. For all customers of this type, the priority of your delivery will be promoted to the highest level.


If you are a customer who meets the above problems, please contact me via message and tell me your order number. I will check your order and confirm whether your order is delayed due this refund issue. I will record your order on my worksheet. Every working day from today, I will hand over the order number in the worksheet to the shipping department, and let them arrange the shipment for you immediately. In order to ensure the transparency and credibility of the work, I will continue to update the processing results under this topic post.

  1. Notes and declarations

a. I will only arrange shipments for customers whose order time is delayed by this specific mistakes. This does not include those who actively change the order plan, please be aware of this.Not everyone can be arranged to ship in advance with me. This is not a fast channel, we must ensure fairness.

b. This is not an overnight job. I may need some time. After you tell me your order information, I will arrange your shipment, which may take one week.

c. Our delivery situation is currently very optimistic. A stable quantity of 8kx is shipped everyday by FedEx which has a fast and very stable delivery speed.

d. I once again apologize for everyone on behalf of Pimax. I know that what I am doing is just a remedy and the irreparable damage has been done. I am really sorry for that. Now I am here, I will fix it and fight for you!


This is the user who is currently recording a delayed order because of a refund.


I find it hard to believe that Pimax only just now discovered this error.

Many months ago, I specifically asked on this forum and in a support ticket whether my order would be shipped based on original order date and not when changes were made later on. Pimax staff confirmed they would ship based on original date.

So I find it ridiculous that Pimax wasn’t aware of this a long time ago.


Hi Miracle , could you please check for me SO4720 ,I ordered on October 31st but I also got a tax refund at a later date, thanks for your help gary


I ordered 8KX Nov 28th according to my order history. Changed it to 8K+ on Dec 23rd, then changed it back to 8KX on Jan 14th.

Now Miracle has told me my order date is Jan 14th, even though Pimax staff told me months ago my order priority would be based on Nov 28th. I’m super pissed off.

I would have never temporarily switched to 8K+ if Pimax was honest about their delivery dates. Their endless lies and delays about the 8KX has caused me to lose 2 months on my order date. :triumph:


you haven’t lost anything, he’s working on it now, if i read right

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No, he already told me privately that the change back and forth with 8K+ is an “active change” and therefore my order date will be Jan 14th.

I will record you and ask the staff to review your order again


Hi, my SO 5847 (B + E) upgrade plan from November 6, 2019 was split (thanks @PimaxQuorra) in February into two different orders, for two different addresses, because Index controllers could not be shipped to certain countries.

If my order is on hold because of this, please check!

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Confirmation is delayed, it has been recorded, please wait for processing


Unfortunately, I think I may fall into this group, since I later upgraded my 8KX to include the DMAS. I’ll PM Miracle, as requested, instead of posting my info here.

[update] It turned out that my order was not delayed. :slight_smile:


Same here but I have already sent a msg to you @Miracle, so thanks pls fix this for me.

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I have given you a reply and recorded it in the pending table, it worked


No exception, you can submit a ticket if you have any questions


Same for me, found strange refund in dashboard a while ago. Reported this situation to pimax support. Now you told us we were just kicked to end of all Pimax delivery days. Nice.

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I have consulted the staff for you, and their responses are consistent. I suggest that you submit your previous records through the ticket. Sir, I hope you understand that my handling of you is completely fair. I am only here to help those who are refunded As for the delayed customers, I also hope to really help you


Here’s a thread I made in November where a Pimax staff member told me I wouldn’t lose my pre-order position:

I also asked again about this some months ago. Still looking for that post.


I checked this post and you did not lose your reservation, but you changed your purchase content. The order time is determined according to the latest changes. Do you think there is any problem with this? All changes are made by you.No one tells you that after you change the order actively, you will still be shipped first. I think others have the same idea

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