Forum Notificatons Broken


Exactly what the title says. Clicking my avatar results in an infinite busy cursor, or “No notifications found.”


Okay try clearing cache. We’ve had some upgrading issues. Notification panel was broken on my browser as well and seems to be working. We’re looking into things. Hopefully some of these side effects will be resolved soon.


Did that. Even tried using different browsers on different computers.

Why are the forums being upgraded?

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Same reason you do upgrades on windows. Well maybe I should have used the word Updates.

One of the recent updates has created some issues and didn’t update properly. So we needed to do an interm fix to get the forum running. Hopefully we can get it back to full function soon. Awhile we had an update that had broken sending out email notifications. That was a major headache as new users were not receiving the activation email.


Fair enough. But in the meantime, I have much less visibility into what happens on these forums.


I do apologize hopefully we can get this resolved soon.


we’re trying to hide the interesting stuff from you @mirage335

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I had a bunch of them since I only have real internet connection since yesterday after 3 weeks but I have the same issue and clearing cache didnt solve this, I tried this even before finding this post :confused:

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Weirdest thing, to me they’re working normally since yesterday.

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Seems to be working now. After having some new notifications show up, and having used ‘Dismiss All’ from the notifications page, the panel seems to be unstuck.

I humbly suggest we stick to security updates only on these forums.

The updates are security related and bug fixes. The intern fix to keep the forum running is not a full fix. We had a problem awhile back where a bug or error had prevented notification emails.

As I mentioned upgrade was maybe not the ideal word choice. These are simply updates. A full forum software upgrade is a ways away. And will be needed to do when it is released as a full version as the current version will be deprecated and no longer have updates.

The new release they are working towards has a number of features that improve the user xp; like an improved bookmark system that is more useable than the current one.

The recent Windows 10 update has apparently caused a lot of critical process crashes. The bad thing is is that more often people are quick to believe it is pitool and not other Updates that may have created instabilities.

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If possible and if not already done, it would be nice if a full copy of these forums were running to test new updates before applying them to the live site.

As for MSW10, a common problem with that OS is that every single installed application greatly increases the risk of failures. Use Linux for the vast majority of applications, install only what is absolutely needed on the MSW machine, and this problem will go away.

That is probably one of two reasons I do not experience crashes with PiTool .

A guy needs his notifications!!!

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That’s often a really bad idea as it will most likely break or at least complicate upgrades down the line.

If it’s really that important make a snapshot (incl. DB/schemas) and upgrade and verify that instead before upgrading the main site.

Or just do trial and error and deal with the issues that will arise from time to time.


Hehe, not so much. When I see things software things breaking, I typically assume the worst is about to happen.