Forum Updates April 2020

Saturday April 11, 2020

New Pimax Hardware Sub

Pimax HMD Renamed Pimax Hardware

To improve Pimax Support communication for both users and @PimaxQuorra there is a new Subcategory in #PIMAX-HMD called

Quorra Support link #PIMAX-HMD:PiQ-Support

This is a specialized subcategory. All Requests requiring PimaxQuorra need to post here.

Category Features

  • Only Op and Staff can reply in a topic.
    If you have a similar request to op. Start a new topic. This will help keep requests clean and uncluttered.
  • The Quorra Support Category also has a soecialized Feature called Solved. Once your request has been resolved the op can choose a post to mark it Solved. Now Staff can also mark a topic solved. Generally Staff should only Mark it solved if it is say and Info request that has been answered ie Update with Link. If op doesn’t marked solved.

En français - By @Ludx


Tuesday April 14, 2020

Welcome a new Developer to the Community Dark Catt Studios ! They are looking for possible testers. Please review topic here.