Forum Updates January 2020

Forum Update – Orig Posted Dec 31/2019

Happy New Year Community!

The Pimax 8k Series Category & Sub Categories are now set to See/Reply. This means you can see & reply to existing Threads.

Please start New Discussions in:

  1. Pimax HMD Sub Categories:
  • P2: 8kX
  • P2: 8k(+)
  • P2: 5k(+/XR)
  • P2: Artisan
  • P1: 4k/B1
  • Pimax Discussion
  1. Other HMDs Sub Categories:
  • Oculus
  • HTC
  • Valve
  • MS WMR
  • HMD Discussion
  1. Pitool Sub Categories:
  • Release Notes (find pitool Download & Notes here)
  • Discussion
  • Report Bug (Fill in Template)
  1. Accessories Sub Categories:
  • PiModules & Accessories
  • Controllers
  • Enhancements

More Categories will Open Soon. Anouncement Category will start to be used Jan 2020 to keep Updates organized for easy clutter free viewing. Discuss Updates for example for Pimax in Pimax HMDs\Pimax Discussion.


[Jan 2/2020] Small Update New Sub Category!

As Suggested Pimax HMD has a new Sub Category.

Spotlight Reviews

This is a special Review Category for Pimax HMDs as proposed by @navi_8k.

Procedure Post your Pimax Review in the appropriate headset Category. Include @TrevorVR or @Heliosurge.
We will create a BlockQuote copy of each of your review sections in this Sub Category. Heliosurge will make reviewer Owner of their Review in this section.

This Subcategory is Read Only Mode for easy viewing.

Other Updates!

Categories Now set to close Automatically after a topic’s last post is 60 days old.