Found my IPD finally

I finally found the right IPD for my best 3d depth feeling for near and distant Objects and its so my more immersive!

The process took me about 3hours of testing.

My measured IPD is 60.7. I experimented with the IPD offset via 1 steps and dial the hardware IPD till I felt 3d depth. Measured sujectively the eye strain, blur and clarity.

After many trial and errors via going up and down with the IPD offset, I finally found the best setting…damn that was tough!

I tested it in Nolimits 2 and Spiderman Far from home.

On 0 IPD offset, I dont get any feeling of speed nor dizzyness. For Spiderman, I couldnt feel the height and couldnt tell if the building was tall…felt like a flat monitor.

So after testing and testing…I found for me that +3 and setting after that the hardware IPD to 66.6 I get the best result. Feeling the speed, the height and complete immersive feeling. In Spiderman I can actually feel the speed and height which I actually would feel in real life. I do have a little bit of eye strain or maybe my brain needs to get used to the 3d depth feeling. Will tell you guys after a few days.

Maybe this helps a little bit, someone else.



Ok, so can you describe the feeling when you found your correct IPD? For example, if you set software ipd to +3, does it feel gradual when you adjust the hardware IPD and if you go past 66.6 do you feel like you loose it again?

Hi, So when I found the right IPD, I just had 3d depth, clarity, no blur and a little bit eye or brain strain but its now gone actually, after playing a few hours. I tested after that going up and down with 0.5 steps on offset and dialing up and down the hardware IPD and none of the next settings made me feel good in 3d depth, clarity and blur. when I go up to 3.5 or higher with the IPDoffset, I get more eye strain, more blur. when I go down with it, I can see its getting more flat and loss of 3d depth.

So going up when I have +3 and over 66.6 I get more eyestrain and more blur. Going down I lose 3d depth.

Hope this helps you.


This is interesting. I’ve been going from 0 to +3 and also down. I don’t experience more or less depth while doing so. It seems I have a very large software IPD range that I can use. From +3 to -1.5 or so. Beyond that my eyes feel start to feel weird and I get double vision. Blur and clarity is affected by the hardware IPD though. With +3 and 66.6 hardware IPD the only difference I felt was that in alyx at one part it felt like the floor was slightly spherical. Like I was standing on a very large sphere and it was just noticable.

I had no different experience as far as depth was concerned, but thank you for explaining your method though!

keep on testing, it depends on faceshape and foamthickness either :wink:

Tested it today with my 5k XR.

Tested with the same facefoam and its a whole other IPD. so I guess the 8K X is different with the lenses.


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