Found some interesting settings that might help solve or reduce culling in Half Life Alyx without needing PP

I’ll look into that. So far I’ve tried

+r_occlusion_culling 0

Which disables distance culling altogether and it seems to have helped with most objects. I’ll have to do more testing. There is a slight performance loss with it disabled though. Like 75 to 90fps with slight jitters.

I suspect the reason why the more you expand the frustum culling FOV, the shorter the distance that objects get culled is, that the camera is looking through a triangle view. When you bendout that triangle, the FOV gets wider but the end of the triangle gets shorter. So that’s why I’m hoping another command or settings would disable distance culling outside of the camera’s view to some extent.

LOD stands for level of detail. Iirc it’s an integer additive offset, which controls the complexity of the model displayed for a given distance. That setting or a related one sets the distance at which a model is drawn (or not). Basically, it controls the complexity of the scene and allows distant objects to be drawn with less detail or hidden from view, until they get close enough to matter.

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So Sebastian, is the StarVR a loaner or a keeper?

Nice work man!! Currently My StarVR or Pimax give me error 108 with Steam VR. I’m prepping for my project. Hope I can sort out this out over the weekend


+vr_mura_correction 1

Really curious about that one. I’ll be trying tomorrow. Does it really reduce the mura on SVR1?

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Oh my god you guys! I’ve found the secret command that disables culling once and for all!

Use this in launch options:

-console -vconsole +sc_no_cull 1 +vr_enable_volume_fog 0

The last command is optional depending on if you like fog or not. After adding sc_no_cull, there is now absolutely no culling at all on my right peripheral vision! I have the full field of view and it’s incredible! The only problem left is the ocassional black smearing occuring on the right eye and that’s no big deal. Wow. I also did not notice any reduction in performance at all by turning off the culling.

@mixedrealityTV @VR-TECH @vrftw @crispybuttphd


You the man!!! That’s truly incredible, thanks for digging into this!


Do you think other games have this kind of launch options? It would be so cool if you could just change it like that!

@VR-TECH Nope, it’s still a loaner, but StarVR didn’t get back to me for a while, so I still have the device.


I take that you are also adding the Mura command?

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When I added the mura command, I don’t really notice a difference except maybe less clarity from a far distance. Maybe it’s just because I’m not sensitive to it like you and vrftw. So I’d like to know when you try it.

Many (most?) games have launch options, but it varies by game. Some only have minimal options, while others have extensive options.


I’m really wondering how different our units are… Maybe it’s because I also have a Pimax. I see mura on my 8k+ but 99% less.

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Awesome. It is possible there is some standard command line that is recognized by all games written with a certain engine, i.e. unreal or unity. If we could figure out the no_cull command line parameter for either of those engines, if there is one built in, that would be awesome indeed. For example, in terminator salvation you can use the parameter -vr to launch it in VR, but its kind of messed up when it comes time to shoot.

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Yes, I think it’s possible that other engines/games might have a similar command line. Half Life Alyx runs on the Source 2 engine built by Valve. I’m going to look into getting rid of culling in other games like Boneworks now. Either by finding a way to disable it or by creating a Unity project with StarVR’s frustum script, compiling the project and then doing a difference comparison between the same project with and without the script and then seeing if I can implement universally compiled files into Boneworks that way. Ideally I’ll try the easiest route first by finding command params, etc.


what’s really sad about this is that, we all saw the Pimax at Valve HQ when Norm from tested was claiming to have issues with what he was seeing with Pimax

Did Valve even actually use the Pimax to test at all! To think all they had to do is tweak so settings for Pimax headsets for it to work correctly.

It makes me think they didn’t test at all. Did you post this on Hl Altx forum maybe you can get them to fix this in the game so we don’t have to do it ourselves.

starVR has mura ? is this it’s one flaw?

Maybe try cheat engine, it may show you diffetences in memory, if the difference isn’t obvious in files then there is probably a real time patch we can do in memory

although we would risk getting VAC banned so …

Also maybe sticky the solution at the top of this thread so new users dont have to scroll through a million posts to find the solution.

I saw you posted on reddit


Yep it’s the main problem to me. The resolution is fine. It’s really visible on some colors. It might get patched hopefully.

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Flaw 1: Price is too high. ($3200) for 90hz bare-bones headset.

Flaw 2: Resolution is too low (1830 x 1464 per eye).

If it was 1/2 price and 4K per eye, it would be a genuine step up from the non OLED, non 90hz Pimax 8K-X.


apparently the resolution being lower is misleading
due to the magic of the lenses it actually has less sde than a 8kx.

@mixedrealityTV words not mine.

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