FOV for 120hz on 5k super and 5k+

Hello, I’m considering purchasing either the 5k+ or 5k super for my i5-9600kf and rtx 2060.

Currently, at 120hz, what fov does the 5k+ and 5k super each support?

I have been asking on YouTube, reddit, discord, yet all answers differ.

This is the probably most objective answer (for the 5k+, no 5k Super values reported yet): HMD Geometry Database | Collected geometry data from some commercially available VR headsets.
The values there are the maximum that is rendered though, not necesarily what you see. This can be further limited by lenses, eye-lense distance etc.


I am aware of this. Thanks for sharing this though

Do you know if the 5k super shares the same data as the 5k+? I would mainly like to know if the 5k super does indeed support 120 hz with “200” fov., which should be the hor/ver 160.29/102.70 fov

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Nope, sorry, haven’t seen a 5k Super in action yet. Any owner of such a headset could run the hmdq (from the site linked above) and add the results to the database.
Imho the normal FoV (140° horizontal FoV) is the sweetspot for the Pimax headsets anyways - best compromise between FoV, distortions and performance.

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@MikeJeffries. Might be able to answer this.

I believe the 5k Super has “NORMAL” FOV at 120hz - not large from what i remember.
I cant see past the “normal” fov anyway so thats the most i use regardless.

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The 5K Super doesn’t support 120HZ at Large FOV.