Fracturing Housing on 5k+ 16months in, and NOT USED for 10 months!

@PimaxUSA @Doman.Chen

I have one of the original 5k+ headsets (within the first 30 backers actually), and back in January 2019, i was one of the first to notice the headset chipped away and started to fractured after just having it for a few months.
I got an RMA approved in January 2019. Got the new RMA sent, returned the old one, and then the Valve Index came out last summer and I put down the pimax 5k+ since August of last year, and haven’t used it until last week.
I started to look around the housing and the entire line is splitting and fracturing.

I saw an interview that clearly said that even a year down the line, the housing would be replaced with “new” housing that is better. I put in a support ticket and Vivi is saying it’s past 1 year warranty and she can’t do anything. Then i asked to even pay to fix it!!! She said it would cost $100 for a new housing but it’s very hard to fix it myself.

Is there any way I can send this in to Pimax in the USA and get this process done for the $100? I know it’s been sitting in a box past the 1 year mark, and EVEN THOUGH it was said they would replace the housings even if they happen a year later, as long as it’s seen that the cracks/splintering are due to a faulty housing, i was willing to pay to have it fixed by a pimax professional rep and not by myself.

What do I do? I have 8 clear pictures showing the cracks along the housing line… It’s obvious this wasn’t caused by me. I use it only for sim racing, so theres no where it was damaged.