Franken quest - KDMAS edition

I just picked up a Quest 2 for out and about use but the default strap is garbage. I thought about how nice the KDMAS is on my 5k+ and started work on this.
Its going to be a pain to get it to work and I will need to get some new resin for my printer which is stronger and has more dimensional stability but its not a bad start. Does anyone out there know if this has be done already?


As far as I have seen. You might be the first. I have seen folks like @Ludiks adapt rigid straps made for Quest/quest 2 for use on pimax.

From what I see so far you have a nice start on this project.

Now you said Resin; so I presume you have a resin 3dprinter?

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Resin and FDM. Only got draft resin as the moment and its just not accurate enough for something with tolerances like this. I might do parts in pla, other in resin. Will have to see what works best.
Biggest issue at the moment is that Facebook/Oculus made the straps on the side all twisty which is a pain to model accurately.

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Any progress on your mod?