G2 5k+ 8k+ need your advices

Coming from 5k+ i’ve got g2 since 1 week.

Did 5 races in iracing and i feel like the only avantage of the g2 over the 5k+ is the image quality. Indeed on 1 hour race i feel less tired but that’s all.

I barely see the grid now on the g2 sometimes, but the quality is exceptional

The 90hz it not enough, i’m on of those who see the difference between 90/110/144hz unfortunatly.

And the fov too small on the g2. I’ve order the fov mod but don’t think it will be enough for my needs.

I wondering if the pimax 8k+ is the good compromise between 5k+ g2 : fov,110hz, better image quality than 5k+…

Any of you have test those headsets? And for those who have 8kx, 90hz is not too low for you?

Thanks for your advices :slight_smile:

Ps : what do you think about the quest 2 ? It seams like it will have 120hz update)