G2 vs Artisan Buying question

Hey guys just registered here to ask, I currently have a RIFT S and plan to move to either the G2 or the Artisans (I know I need controllers and base stations with the artisans) but I was curious how close these two would compare or is the g2 only in the 8kX league at this point minus the FoV?

Get the G2 would be my vote, mine arrived today and I’m blown away by it, like as blown away as I was by even trying VR the first time, I sold my 8KX because it didn’t live up to expectations


even with the minor FOV? I am guessing you also tested the FoV MOD on the g2?

Great news I’m also very pleased with the G2. :0)


No mods on my G2 yet, it literally only came today, but image quality over fov for me definitely, if I can still improve the fov on the G2 I will certainly try but even how it is now is amazeballs

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damn guess I will skip straight to the G2 then thanks to you, and @Joeblackof

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The G2 large Pro vs the Artisan is the increased resolution & Price of complete package, however Small FoV then other headsets at 90hz.

The Artisan’s Pros over the G2 is even if set to lowest FoV it has more FoV & has Refresh upto 120hz. Display calibration options & Modules(atm 2). Better Tracking than G2 but full package is expensive vs G2.

Now if each is compared to the Rift S?

Artisan and Rift S should be similar in visual clarity with the Artisan having FoV options and up to 120hz. Display calibration Options. Cost more for full system vs Rift S(Discontinued - Rift S).

G2 much better Graphics and at 90hz vs 72hz. Rift S tracker is atm better than G2 and iirc has larger FoV.

If you want Clarity and the FoV you’d want the 8kX.

If your okay will around Rift S to better Artisan is decent. However the 5k+ might be the better choice with up to 144hz and more FoV options.

Otherwise if your wanting clarity for distant objects and okay with less FoV and cheaper full Package G2 is better.

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my advice, if you come from rift do not go for pimax.
Literally everything (-FOV) is better on G2.
(not comparing the 8kX here, but 5k 8k and Pimax in general with its hypothetical features)
Comparing Controllers here is senseless as Pimax do not have any controllers.
So it’s up to you to pimp your HMD with valve ecosystem. But you can not go for the cheaper inside out tracking with artisan if it may be enough for you.
If you were happy with a 2 sensor rift tracking, you‘ll be happy with wmr as well.
Yes Pimax talks about inside out, controllers ect. but having a fair share of Pimax Experience (not the software) we can only compare things that are existent now, as they have serious issues matching a common realisation/understanding of the word „soon“.
=usually means somewhere in the very undetermined future.
Spare yourself the misery, except you really like to tinker, like with an old car where you enjoy fixing it more instead of driving.
Only if FOV is the most important thing to you and you don‘t mind all shortcomings in almost every aspect there might be a tiny reason to go for pimax nonetheless.

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As other wrote image quality then G2 or 8k-x, if FOV is most importent and hz then Artisan / 5k super.

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