Game Application Window Focus and Heavy Stutter

Pimax 5k+ HMD
Running latest Stable PiTool (, latest stable SteamVR (1.13.10), and latest Nvidia driver (452.06). Suffering excessive HMD screen stutter only when the game window is IN FOCUS. If alt-tab out of focus, the stuttering goes away and the HMD screens run smooth as butter. In prior recent weeks I have not had this issue, thus only likely recent change to config may have been an update from SteamVR and/config tweaks to steamvr.settings template. If anyone has had similar experience, any tips to resolve? In looking at my steamvr.vrsettings file, I do see games that show stutter have “motionSmoothingOverride” set to a value other than 0. For example, DCS is a classic example where stuttering present when game window in focus, whereas no stutter when out of focus. Here is the config for DCS in the steamvr.settings file:
“system.generated.dcs.exe” : {
“appName” : “DCS.exe”,
“motionSmoothingOverride” : 1,
“resolutionScale” : 100

I can likely do some more testing with focus on steamvr.settings file to see if I can pin down something, but curious if anyone else has been down this path and found resolution elsewhere, or know the key root cause?

Granted, I have read other threads noting similar issue(s), but these seem older given GPU catalyst is no longer part of PiTool, and other notes specific to Windows Game mode and such are givens to be taken out of the picture.

Goal would be to identify key repeatable “root cause” for why the heavy stutter when game IN FOCUS whereas when OUT of FOCUS, HMD screens run perfect.

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Have you activated HAGS in the graphics settings in Windows? (2004)
This causes stutters without the catalyst option.


Yes, HAGS is active in Windows

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Then disable it. HAGS will not work right with 262/263


Indeed, that appears to be the issue. I disabled HAGS in Windows and now IN FOCUS apps have no stutter. Continuing tests to verify though looking good thus far.