Game dying (left, then right eye) after short time

8k+ vision. Software and firmware as here: личн. Pimax rendering lines bug - YouTube

The issue is different tho. In No Man’s Sky and in Pistol Whip, after a short period of time left eye goes black, then right eye goes black in a second. Looks like No man’s sky tried to recover, but it is still impossible to play. I used to be able to play those games in my 5k xr I sold, but in 8k+ vision those didn’t work both year ago and still doesn’t work. Need help

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Have you checked game log, steamvr log and pitool logs?

Do you run programs like fpsvr to monitor gpu ans cpu?

More details including setup may help those whom have similar setups and play the games you mention may have ideas abd/or solutions.

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No, I don’t have any of those tools, but I’m on RTX 3080 under water cooling and ryzen 3800x. Using middle FOV settings, and highest framerate for the headset (tried lower options too). HL Alyx runs without issues in 8k+, while pistol whip isn’t even hard on my system and runs fine in quest 2 via virtual desktop, so it’s not my system being limited somehow.
Full hardware config can be seen here:
Most recent windows update available and gpu drivers are installed.

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Do the displays turn off or does the game crash as well?

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Left display turns off, game starts lagging on the screen like crazy (1 frame per few seconds). Then right eye turned black as well. It tried to restore in case of No Man’s Sky, but kept lagging on screen, and in hmd image randomly appeared and went away. :expressionless:

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You can still check these log files to see what crash data is there.

I will try to crash them on purpose in upcoming 2 days, but I take no pleasure getting back to them in pimax considering they work well in other hmd and it’s just pimax rendering gets broken… I really don’t think it’s the best course of actions and it could be good if someone else who has 8k+v could try to reproduce it.

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Logs can help identify why something is crashing

For example in unreal of pitool render multiplier is set to high it produces a particular error(been awhile since had one). But this can help see where something is failing.

So, I reiterated my tests again with more attention and can conduct that:

  1. Piostol whip doesn’t crash the game entirely, but makes it unplayable.
    The game plays normally for as long as you can get without being hit. As soon as you take a hit it’s a game over. Left eye instantly goes to black in Pimax. In a second the right eye goes black as well. The game keeps being properly rendered on screen. It doesn’t see reduction of FPS. My left monitor (I have 3) blinks with black - it does that whenever headset gets connected too. LED on top of pimax goes red while the left monitor is black. It becomes purple again (normal operating color) when my left screen turns on again. Visuals restore in HMD right after that. No changes in PiTool during this issue were observed (but it was on a display that was turning off… I don’t want to retest again!)

I insist that it’s a pimax issue, and I need this to be fixed. Reproducing in Pistol whip is super easy - just get a bullet in your face. This was happening to me on Pimax forever, and I can’t stream this game, which I have wanted to do for a long time using Pimax for it’s FOV. I even had my windows reinstalled before the New Year, and it was even happening on older install.

To do a fair test:
I’ve booted the same game in Quest 2 via Virtual desktop and managed to catch 4 bullets with my face in a single run. No issues with eyes.

  1. NMS seems to have had an update recently and it behaves differently now (or it was Steam VR switch to Beta I had to do to fix HL Alyx in Pimax?..). It just lags renreding 1 frame every 3-4 seconds while flying through space during the loading… Initially, until planets started showing up, it was running well. After lags started, once a minute it runs for 1 second smoothly to then start lagging again. When I was looking down or up I was seeing endles row of rendered per-eye frames going into fars. No such rows on left or right - just top or bottom… trippy. This was happening during glitchy loads with other games, but not to such extremes ever.
    NMS was utilizing 3% of my GPU in task manager. GPU was loaded to 100%. I wasn’t able to play this game since I sold my 5k xr half a year ago, which I was using with the exact same settings I’ve tried on 8k+V now, and I even lowered supersampling.

During NMS run:

To do a fair test:
I’ve restarted Steam VR, double checked I don’t use any supersampling, and restarted the game. It still started lagging as soon as solar systems names started appearing and it was loading for ~5 boring laggy minutes, being unplayable after loading.
I also tested it with Quest 2, and with wireless streaming, and additional load on my videocard to compress the video it still was laggy, BUT not as bad as in Pimax - during star flight in loading it only occasionally was lagging, and I was even able to walk around and do some basic tasks. Frame time was terrible (I assume due to video streaming at max resolution), but it was SUPERIOR to crap I experienced in Pimax.

So to summ it up - no crashes in both games. No logs to share. Pimax behaves way worse in both games. Pistol whip bug is extremely easy to reproduce just by being hit. I didn’t manage to reproduce black eye in NMS, but in the past I could at least move around a bit before it was bugging out, and now I can’t do anything at all. No such issues on Quest, and both games are playable.
My PC isn’t crap, and I was able to play those games just fine half a year ago in 5k XR. It’s 8k+V having issues, but I’ve noticed such issues only in these 2 games. I absolutely need a debug session. I’ve spent 90 minutes just to get this info to this thread.

DXDIAG if someone needs it

When you get hit in Pistol Whip is there a bright flash at that moment?

What refresh rate are you using? Does it happen on 72hz?

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No brright flash, however setting it to 72 hz fixed Pistol Whip completely, and partially helped No Man’s Sky - it started lagging way later - half a way before the location loaded. It still was unplayable tho. Maybe I should create a separate thread about it, but I am not fond of having to switch to 72 hz just t play Pistol Whip every time - there’s a 1/3 chance that Pimax won’t detect position properly and will spawn head on floor level (which is yet another trouble I’m constantly having ffs). :expressionless:

I would bet it has to do with triple monitors and a 8k+ on one graphics card regardless of what it is. Try running it with one monitor on would be my suggestion.


In that case a reasonable question would be - why did 5kxr was working fine? Same rendering resolution. No issues at all on 82 hz.
Why did oculus CV1 which I gave to my at a time girlfriend also worked fine? Only 8k+V didn’t work t the same time as other headsets worked. It’s not the monitors case.

I will try it with 1 monitor tho when I’ll come home but I don’t expect any change of it.

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No, I didn’t overclock my videocard. It works on stock settings. I only watercooled it because it was noisy af. Founders edition OCs itself a bit if it has thermal headroom.
No flicker on 110hz.

Well i just got an 8k+ and am having same issue. Left eye first then right. Comes out of it most times 10 sec or so. Mine is under powered on a 1660 super and have to cut things back so not sure of the details yet. Cant get it to power on at all on my 1080ti but works ok on the 1660 super. Setting seem to improve the occurrence of the black outs. They have not been overly frequent so not much of an issue, but does happen.

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I have had it happen in HLA as thats all I’ve played on it so far.

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So an update - I disconnected both side monitors, powered on pimax and booted steam vr, launched pistol whip and got shot in a head. Still same symptoms. I won’t be able to use pimax for around 2 months now. :frowning: I really hope to get a fix.

Anyone found a fix for this?
I am having the same issue with my 8k+.

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Hi Joe
I do not own pistol whip, so enlighten me :grinning:
Is there a big haptic feedback in both controllers when one gets shot in the head ?

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I think this has to do with the screen flashing when you get hit.
happens in other games too if there is a bright flash or quick change of color .
I can even replicate this in the Pimax experience if I quickly zoom in on my desktop.
Switching to 72hz fixes it but i want to use 90hz or 110hz too.
Seems like the same issue people have with the 8kx in upscale mode.