Gaze Cursor Assisted Interaction

I did see that the gaze cursor is visible as a dot in PE and it can be used to select items when no controllers or hands are available. You could use the volume buttons to confirm the selection which would mean that you just your HMD to use PiTool.

Regarding dual hand and controller interactions there is the issue of which hand / controller takes precedence. I suggest the hand / controller that is closest to the gaze cursor takes precedence.

When eye-tracking is available you can use a dynamic gaze cursor instead of the static one.

Are gamepads already supported?


At the momento no gamepads are supported . We asked this function some days before.


Wait, huh? Gaze cursor? Are you sure its not the hand tracking pointers? There’s no gaze cursor added yet :slight_smile:

Gamepad interaction will be added, but I need to get mouse support working first, which is more important.

Thats not really an ideal solution tbh. Im simply using an own script that lets you chose active laser controller by clicking on it once.
First click (if not already active) will activate laser on that controller. If already active, click is triggered.

If one controller shuts off, laser goes to the other. If no controllers are on and one power on, it gets the laser automatically.

Having laser active depending on distance from UI could be super confusing. I could add that as an optional feature, but on default, I dont think it will be so popular.


I remember to have just seen the laser end points in a session and they were in the middle of my view and stayed there when looking around. This is was I was referring as gaze cursor. :slight_smile:

However it would be nice to use PE without any controllers or hand tracking. Regarding the algorithm that auto selects primary hand/controller I was referring to the shortest distance not in 3D space but in projected perpendicular 2D space.