General Questions After Game Rig rebuild

Due to a slowly failing motherboard and lack of time I haven’t been using my 5K+ for a while; just went back to flat gaming to take it easy on my system.

Finally got around to a rebuild; motherboard (MSI Mag X570) and a Ryzen 5900x which I managed to snag at MSRP. Only other new components are the cooler for the Ryzen (NZXT) and the RAM (32GB@3600mhz). Obviously had to stick with my RTX 2080 Super for now due to the market.

That’s quite and upgrade from my old 4.4GHz overclocked 6700K, but ultimately it was already my 2080 Super that was my performance bottleneck so while my massively faster CPU is nice, and occasionally things are a small amount faster or smoother, I won’t have a significantly better VR experience until video cards become an actual thing you can purchase again. :joy:

A couple quick questions: 1) I’m still way back on PiTool V1.0.1.253 as I was one of the people who suffered huge performance penalties beyond that version. Has that been largely fixed with later versions? Would I generally be safe to update?

  1. I’ve been seeing reports that there are problems with 90hz mode on recent NVIDIA drivers? Is this still the case? I’m unsure if this is related only to 30xx series cards or if it would also effect my 2080? I have a 5K+ so 90hz is what I use 100% of the time. If that was broken my HMD would be effectively unusable.

  2. Looking toward the future, it appears more and more likely that AMD is going to offer substantially more bang-for-the-buck than NVIDIA when it’s finally possible to replace my video card. Are there any substantial features of the Pimax I would be missing switching to AMD? I see that FFR appears to be Nvidia specific, but other than that I can’t be sure. There are also other compelling aspects of AMD that might make them attractive to VR users (like the way they opened sourced their drivers etc.) Should we consider ourselves stuck with NVIDIA, or are AMD cards an option? (I had to go NVIDIA when I got the Pimax as it was during that period of time when AMD cards were not even working with Pimax HMDs).