Getting a head movement judder when looking left to right or up and down

If I keep my head from moving no issues, any idea what is causing and how to fix it?

What is your video card and CPU? Sounds like a frame rate issue.

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Asus Rampage VI Extreme Encore/Intel i9 10980XE @5.0 all 32 core (water-cooled)
Evga RTX 3090 FTW3 HYBRID.
64 gig dd4 2800
2 Samsung m.2 Raid 0. for OS.

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I suggest installing an FPS monitor like FPSVR in steam and see how much your fps is dropping during head rotation. Then begin to adjust settings like removing PP, adjusting your input resolution and so on.


I didn’t have this issue until I started messing around with PE, is there a way to delete the config files associated with that app?

It only modifies the steamvr settings and retains a backup of the original. You can use PE to restore it.


Very strange only the head movement is affected by this, the rest of the scenery is fine, I wonder if there is something to do with the base stations. Any thoughts?


I ran in to this at some point too. I think I solved it by turning off Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling in the Windows Graphics settings. Although, I just turned that back on out of interest and everything seems fine, so perhaps it’s this in conjunction with something else? Worth a shot anyhow.


I get this periodically, have to restart Pitools services (driver 262).


So I took your advice and purchased the FPSVR, a great little tool, by the way, so within MSFS2020 my settings are medium to high I am getting 26 to 38 FPS in NYC with heavy clouds, so I assuming not a hardware issue here, but something very interesting I noticed and maybe someone here might know what is happening.

On my card(RTX 3090) I have the headset(PIMAX 8K X plugged into the display port and a 1080p display plugged into an HDMI when I press the "Shift + TAB to go into VR mode in MSFS2020 that when the issue starts, but interestingly if some window goes on to the image on the HDMI display like Windows menu or anything else the problem goes away. Any thoughts?
Just another note, I noticed the mouse cursor has something to do with it, if I click outside the screen(monitor/MSFS2020) it fix the issue but if I click on the screen and make it visible in VR(cursor) the problem returns.
Any suggestions mostly appreciated.

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So the view updates smoothly if the game does not have user focus, but stutters when pulled to front?

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Yes, if I click on the desktop window for FS2020 then the mouse pointer will appear in VR and that’s when I get stutters(almost like a double image), and when I either click outside or open any app the VR gets smooth.

Ok… Sorry if my butting in gave you the impression I might have an idea, but I am afraid I do not, nor any wikked l33t skillz. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I guess there could be something in the game loop, that disengages when the application goes idle – Maybe some HID interfacing/timing issue; Maybe some other sort of Windows/App exchanges; …or maybe the game just hops into a less demanding mode for its rendering, when shoved into the background :P…

You might try to open the SteamVR Advanced Frame Timing window (SteamVR desktop status window, menu, developer sub-menu), and see whether you get any conspicuous spikes in the CPU graph, and if so, perhaps work from there (if you know how to isolate the source, or some other WIndows-savvy body here can lend some neurons).

(One thing I would definitively do, is to make sure Smart Smoothing is off – I am yet to experience any such extrapolation (Oculus, SteamVR, Pimax. but have not tried WMR), which I do not find ten times worse than just living with dropped frames, and the terrible persistance of vision issues that come with repeated frames.)

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Not at all, any input is better than nothing, and I really appreciate it👍. Just a request, next time when you are in VR, hit the windows button to bring the menu on top of the VR window on the desktop display and see if you notice any change.
I am going to a long length to solve this to a point yesterday I reinstalled the OS and installed a copy of MSFS2020 from Steam and the same problem, I have a feeling it has to do with PE window interacting with the mouse pointer. I did in another post purchased the FPSVR from steam and I was getting 30 to 36 fps in NYC weather with the pointer showing or hidden.

Oh, I do that all the time – or rather, I’m alt-tabbing, and/or using the SteamVR desktop mirror all the time. -Anyway, I just tried both that, and the start-menu-covering-up-stuff thing you mentioned, and I can’t say I’m noticing anything.

…except I did this without PE (You meant Pimax Experience", right?), which only runs when nothing else is running, and I do not have MSFS…

Good luck with your trubleshooting!

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