Gone back to wireless OG Vive

Well I gave the Artisan a couple of months without touching my wireless Vive and really enjoyed it (well thought I did) but WOW when I went back to wireless there was no turning back. I found the lower SDE in the Artisan great for the first few seconds of a game but once you are into the game it doesn’t make that much of a difference but what does make a difference throughout the whole game is the wire (or lack of it). I have my OG Vive very close to my face with my wireless set up with the battery as a counter and find the field of view and comfort fine. I’m keeping my Artisan (I think for now anyway) so I can fiddle with it occasionally but until wireless comes out for the Pimax my OG Vive I think is going to be my goto. Come on Pimax, be the first to get second gen wireless out the door!


It’s available next year.

Pimax can’t force the speed of production as the electronics for the Wi Fi from their partner company won’t even be available until the end of this year.

Then you’d need to make enough for mass production which would take months.

I know but can’t hurt reminding them how important it is!

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