Grumbling about the Weekly Update (split from original thread)

Yeah, what the hell Pimax!? We waited impatiently for a whole week for the next update hoping Pimax is on schedule with 8KX shipments and you give us nothing on that! :angry:

I bet there’s another delay but they are keeping it a secret from us. It’s absolutely disgusting. They are shipping at a snails pace. We’ve been getting a lot less transparency this month. Pimax CEO’s apology speech meant nothing.

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What I don’t understand is how shipping is taking LONGER than production? Isn’t shipping packages the easiest part? It’s just loading up boxes in a truck and handing them off to Fedex. How can Pimax say they are ahead on batch production but slower on shipping? Makes no sense at all.


Silence speaks volumes…


Yep, makes no sense and the annoying thing is they aren’t communicating about it. The major issue here has always been communication and yet again they’ve failed hard on that front. Padding out the update with the contents of an install guide thread is fooling nobody, there are clearly delays so just say so and be straight about it, rather than not saying anything and hoping nobody brings it up!


Here is the problem with Pimax and why I believe they will never improve as a company. Everything is always hard for them. Every. Single. Time. The company has existed for many years, and nothing changes. From answering customer support, to telling the truth, to communicating in general, to designing headsets, to manufacturing, to shipping, to quality control, to inventory, to RMAs. Every aspect of their business performs poorly, and it doesn’t improve. That’s the important part. It doesn’t improve. Because, we all suck we start doing something new, right? But, for Pimax, they have been at it for years, and nothing gets better.


I was about to say “we don’t know that” because frankly, we are the Pimax mushrooms, but then I noticed that base stations (but not pairs), comfort kits, hand tracking modules, facial foam and eye trackng replacements are all “SOLD OUT” here right now:

Given that Pimax happily takes pre-order money no matter what happens, this is unexpected. Is this normal?


2018 Pimax Vs 2020 Pimax

Pi Tool hasn’t improved?
Support hasn’t improved, at all?
Pimax Quorra on forum isn’t helpful?
Sweviver officially teaming up with Pimax and posting here and making videos with Pimax USA (Kevin) isn’t helpful for backers?
Pimax CEO issuing a public apology on camera shows no improvement from the past?

DFR Eyetracking & 200 degree Hand tracking isn’t an improvement over none?
3 Audio options Vs none aren’t an improvement?
MAS Vs Cloth head strap isn’t an improvement?
Rubber coating on casing isn’t an improvement?
RGB stripe panels aren’t an improvement?
8K-X no longer a 400 limited edition isn’t useful?
5K+ free refresh rate increase isn’t improved?
Forthcoming 5K Super 180hz refresh rate model isn’t an improvement over 5K/5K+?

Forthcoming Wireless Module isn’t an improvement over none?
Forthcoming XXL Optical cable extension isn’t an improvement over none?
Better support for Laptops with new cable/connector isn’t an improvement?

Important new software, ‘Pimax Experience’ (beta) coming soon to testers isn’t an improvement?


Exactly. They’ve improved a ton…! :+1:

Might not be perfect, but companies are driven by humans and humans make mistakes… Some more than others… :upside_down_face:


No, nothing, dont care.

We just want burn sh1t down.

:rofl: just kidding

Yeah that’s actually alot been improved, only gripe I have with pimax is untimely communication.


Pitool finally being fixed is an improvement yes, but let’s face it it should’ve been fixed months ago.

Support improvement, not really from some of the horror stories I’ve read on here.

As for the rest of your list, I’m sorry but new additions to the product range dont interest me when I’m still waiting for a product I paid for months and months ago. Videos with apologies mean nothing unless that apology is backed up by action, I still don’t have my product so as far as I’m concerned they mean nothing.

I’m glad your still positive about Pimax but I’m sorry I’ve lost all faith in them, the fact a company in this day and age doesn’t know instantly what the manufacturing or shipment status is is laughable. I work with various vendors on a daily basis and I can tell you if I asked anyone of the COO’s what product availability was I would have an answer within the hour. There are fundamental flaws within Pimax which no amount of new product announcements will cover up.


no support hasn’t improved at all - I thought it had based on a few comments but then as soon as I commented that I had a load of people reply to me telling me they are still waiting months for replacement lenses or cables etc.

sweviver and Kevin are not generally very helpful - they call customers asking for information “trolls” or “conspiracy theorists” when the customer ends up being correct and Pimax finally admit it, they don’t appear to have any ability to get correct information out of Pimax any more than the rest of us

the CEO’s apology doesn’t mean very much if nothing else changes

a few product improvements don’t really help people who were thrown under the bus and get no support on their products that are already falling apart a month or so out of an unusually short warranty, and that was fundamentally mis-sold or bait and switched.

the optical cable they are releasing is 5m, which is the same length as their current cable, they said they /might/ do a longer cable, cable adaptors for laptops already exist, a pimax branded one isn’t a massive improvement no

the core issue with pimax is customer support, I’ve had 5 responses to my ticket from pimaxquorra, but my actual issue is still not solved in 6 months, so how is pimaxquorra responding to say they are “working on it” for 6 months an “improvement”? incremental changes to product don’t mean anything if it still takes 3+months to get any sort of response on a support issue, the product you have is nothing like what was sold or you don’t even have any of your hardware that you paid for 3 years ago


All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us ?


Haha isn’t that a line out of Life of Brian ?


Comparing Pimax to Romans PAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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That weekly update was a complete joke! That was just a Q&A thread followed by random pictures of Pimax accessories. Then padded with eye tracking install guide as if we don’t know that already and finished with some more Q&A questions and not even a single sentence about 8KX shipments.


You constantly omit important facts to portray any item in a negative light. Case in point:
You say the optical cable same length 5m yet omit it only uses 1 usb port instead of 2 and is thinner and then say “no improvement”.

You then say cable adapters exist for laptops but fail to mention the conversion causes a large signal degradation that is eliminated using a direct connection.

Then you characterize the product improvements as “a few” when literally every component, every driver and all the software have undergone numerous tangible improvements.

What word should be used to describe a poster who characterizes items to others in this way?


Way to address the main topic in this thread :crazy_face:


I’m sure its something in the translation!

What word should we use to characterize company officials who apply poop symbols to critical comments while not responding to the criticism itself ?

What word should we use to characterize company communication which repeatedly makes statements and announcements it then doesn‘t meet/fulfil, and instead of issuing apologies and improving their decision making on announcements (not always go with the best case scenario if some elements are unsure) rather attacks users who point such deficiencies out ?

To give an example, when the base stations just didn‘t materialize with the users although we had been told since May 2019 that they are just about to be shipped to us, we got no explanation but this kind of „within the next 3-5 days it will be shipped to you“ statements time and again.

But I am sure, I will not get a fair response to this although this at current is a dominant experience for a number of users here when asked about their impressions of Pimax.

Fact, not bad faith acting.

But it seems to be beyond comprehension no matter how often it is explained.


It is not surprising you would respond to that as your own record on wild speculation and false claims is legendary.

It’s one thing to be critical - I completely understand simply being critical and critical thinking is actually a positive thing.

***That is not what you are engaged in and to pile yourself and a couple of others into the “critical thinking” pile is just pure propaganda.

You falsely posted countless times we either are or about to be bankrupt and engaged in lengthy discussions about it even encouraging others to engage in a topic clearly designed to harm the company.

The person you are defending earlier *today had numerous false or misleading claims including about the 8kX display type, mentioned only the optical cable was 5m (omitting the other improvements), mentioned that the mini dp cable could easily be achieved with a regular adapter (but failed to mention that causes large signal decrease). These is not critical comments - they are simply false and intentionally misleading.

Your behavior is clearly not critical thinking and please don’t place yourself within the bounds of others who do indeed engage in constructive discussion.

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