[GUIDE] +50% fps in iRacing and other games

Direct link to download VR PerTool:

Link to github

From main folder copy only dxgi.dll and vrperfkit.yml (don’t copy x86 folder) and put it into main folder with game.

VR Performance Toolkit offers upscaling and foveated rendering so I was playing a little with settings and that’s what I’m using in iRacing:

I tried both options (upscaling and foveated rendering)
Foveated rendering gave me +12% but together with upscaling I had +57%!!!
No visible reduction in pic quality inside inner ring. My steamVR res is now 160% with all graphic options med/high. Before I had everything on Low/Med and 104% in steamVR.

Edit vrperfkit.yml in notepad and set:
enabled: true
method: fsr
renderScale: 0.77
sharpness: 1
radius: 0.5
applyMipBias: true

enabled: true
innerRadius: 0.4
midRadius: 0.5
outerRadius: 0.65

You have to turn on (Alt +F1) foveated rendering everytime when opening game.
You can also use this settings in other games like Dirt Rally 2 or ACC.
For ACC put these 2 files into “Game folder\ Assetto Corsa Competizione\AC2\Binaries\Win64”

Hope this will help :slight_smile:


wow Appreciate!!
You will receive a gift card as reward, please check it in the PM


Awesome will add to Guides when I have some free time

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I’d put a link to the GH page instead of direct dl. Easier to get to the official readme and the latest version. Does it work online with iRacing anticheat?

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I couldn’t get this to work in DiRT Rally 2.0… any tips?


Try to change a name from dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll

I will try to install Dirt 2 on Wednesday and see if I can find a newer version of .dll file.
Let me know if changing the name helped.

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I’ve updated first post and added link to github, thanks :+1:

Yes, it’s working online, no problem with EAC.
I think entire iRacing VR community is using vrperfkit, it’s very popular topic on their forum.


Now imagine Pimax implemented this at a driver level. :crazy_face:

could replace their built in ffv and dfr technique

and if their eye tracking worked dfr too.


I can’t wait to use Pimax 12K with this perfkit. Large FOV and 100% steamVR res sounds very realistic and maybe no need to buy RTX5090Ti…


The change worked, but it seems FFR doesn’t work, and I have to experiment more but I don’t think it helps performance too much. It also prevents me from using the dr2fix that gets rid of the crazy brightness changes, because that uses d3d11.dll too.

i think we’ll have to wait for newer version that will work with dirt rally 2. Just to be sure, you have rtx 20xx or 30xx?

When considering where their driver, firmware and software stand after more than 4 years (not to mention some of the hardware) my imagination fails to excite me. If the is any optimism, it’s that people often learn from their mistakes and Pimax certainly has lots of info on that account. :smiley:


2016 was there p4k release. :wink::beers:

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3080ti. Was hoping to do 144Hz on my Index with good SS (150%+) in DiRT but I don’t think we’re there yet.

wait 40 5080 Ti then maybe

I’m actually a little nervous about the 12K not, because I realized its using LCD still with mini LED for local area dimming. which might not give as nice blacks as OLED.

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Tried this. False advertising! 0% increase. All games, iRacing, ACC, MSFS, DCS, etc are DX11 and single threaded where it matters. I’m always CPU bottlenecked (5900X). For example, I get the exact same fps (~65-115) in iRacing no matter what I do (desktop/vr/high settings/low settings/fsholger hooks/no hooks). Just need to wait another 10 years until DX12 catches on.

Not necessarily “False Advertising”. It will depend on a variety of factors. If you remember Mantle from AMD. Those whom initialy did benchmarks failed to test properly as it was intended to give gains to systems with weak cpus.

What? I didn´t know that.

Something is wrong on your system buddy.
MSFS needs OpenXR_Toolkit, only this tool for openXR games.
DCS works excellent with vrperfkit.
I tried many games with FSR, sharpening, and foveated; if its working in chosen game, then you can tell the difference.
I do not play racing games, as I spend 2 hours daily in a car :\

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I know, I know :slight_smile: I wasn’t being dead serious. I just wanted use the opportunity to complain about everything being still on DX11. All the games are mostly CPU limited for me is what I was saying. I know how to use the available tools and they do work.

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