Half-Life: Alyx and Index controllers discussion (renamed topic)

My Index controllers arrived today. They are my first VR controllers. I ran the room setup in PiTool and then the one in SteamVR. The game looks great, but there’s a scaling problem:

I intended to play in seated (or maybe standing) mode, due to a lack of space. Unfortunately, I’ve hit several issues:

  1. When seated, I feel like I’m 2 feet tall.
  2. When standing, it’s more like 4 feet tall.
  3. The scale itself feels off (the world is too big).
  4. My feet feel like they end about a foot under the floor.
  5. The chaperone box is always on.
  6. Recentering doesn’t fix the issue.

Otherwise the game feels silky smooth, with the framerate mostly at 80Hz with PiTool quality at 1.5 and SteamVR at 100%

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips for Half-Life: Alyx?


try to install OVR advanced settings & fpsVR it has different tools to get rid of always visible caperone, also various settings like height & center fix, very handy, OVR is free afair. But fpsVR is a great & cheap tool.

Regarding scale I guess something off with your IPD software offset in Pitool, IPD is what makes world feel wrong.

Also once you setup your space in pitool you can try setup it in steamvr as well by clicking right mouse on VR steam toolbar icon.

I believe you didn’t calibrate your height properly during pitool calibration.

Try to close steam & in pitool once height calibration is in progress place your HMD in visible for LH place on floor & choose 0cm/inch height & click calibrate.


Thanks! I already have fpsVR installed. I didn’t know it had VR tools as well. I’ll rerun the Pimax room setup. I calibrated the headset by placing it on the floor, as requested, with a 0 height. Still something is clearly wrong, so I rerun all the steps.

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That’s very weird. Room setup errors aren’t uncommon, but have you tried another save? It’s totally possible to get stuck in the floor in Alyx, maybe start a new game just to check

What about other aplpications. If it is bad 3D space calibration or IPD/scale calibration problem then other applications should be wrong too.

hey @neal_white_iii stop playing, tell us your impressions of index controllers & finally playing something with it.

Try also next games:

  1. The Lab (free steam games collection) archer one is best for me
  2. Echo VR - requires Oculus Home installation, it’s free, knuckles not the best controllers for it & requires binds changes e.g. to change grip sensitivity, but it’s a great game, if you have issues with it try normal or small FOV, worked well for my Pimaxes
  3. VRChat - also free social platform with VR support & big community
  4. Also tennis games are good like Eleven Table Tennis or Racket Furry
  5. Onward / Pavlov if you like FPS
  6. RecRoom is free & has lot of games inside & community is big
  7. Lone Echo (requires Oculus Home) - one of the best VR story driven games I ever played.
  8. Windlands 2 - cool low poly story with spider like locomotion system
  9. IronWolf VR - multiplayer coop submarine simulator, also StarTreck The Bridge Crew

Also some fitness games like Beat Saber.

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My first impressions are good. The controllers feel solid and well made (a quality product). Packaging is high quality. Shipping was free. Instructions were clear and in many languages.

These are my first VR controllers. I’m having a little trouble getting used to them, especially grabbing using fingers. I’m sure this is just a learning curve. My hands are quite large; I was considering getting a “large hand” mod using a 3D printer, but that does not appear to be necessary.

I’ll try the Lab and HL:A. I don’t intend to buy any of the other games on your list. I do plan to get Beat Sabre, but I’m probably going to wait until it goes on sale.


Congrats!! Now you can finally play actual VR :wink:

No, seriously using controllers adds to the immersion just as the headset itself imho.

There is some great free stuff around, I think that the Lab offers the best free content to check with your controllers.
Especially the Bow Game since it is still fun after all those years.

It’s also great to check SS settings for low demanding games btw. You can crank it up and see what SS actually does.
The „throw stick and toy with your robot dog“
is also a nice experience if you have not tried it.

i have very very small hands but for big hands try to tinker with that little pin on the controller push it down and slide it all the way.

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The scale factor is usually related to wrong IPD (check that your hardware IPD is set correctly, avoid any software offsets first).
The wrong floor level is likely a wrong calibration.


2, 3 & 6 are free titles & 2 is a hidden gem for non Oculus users, but as you have limited space i can be dangerous for you as it’s fast paced games & is prone to injury & broken things all around

:slight_smile: Let me rephrase that: I don’t wish to install or test any games which I’m not interested in.

The Lab is interesting to me, so I’ll do that, but probably not until the weekend.

Vertical offset will alter world scale if you can’t find an in engine adjustment.

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I believe on the pimax I had issues like that as well. Redo the setup but don’t put 0 (zero). Not sure of the exact case but I think I remember setting mine a few times. I believe it asks for you to set it on the floor for the center of your play space but the value may need your height. Try a couple figures you should get something comfortable quicky.:wink:

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Redoing the setup with a non-zero height seems to have fixed the floor, height, and scaling problems.

One (unexpected) observation: Since the Index controllers have a padded strap on the back of your hands, they get quite warm after a while, much like my headset. At least in the summer, that may cause me to keep the play sessions shorter than I otherwise might.

HL Alyx is an awesomely detailed game. It’s taking me awhile to learn the “VR ropes”, but it’s an immersive experience and it’s definitely a AAA title. Seated flying / driving games are immersive too and require less learning (In HL:A, movement, opening doors, picking up stuff, etc. are all skills which need to be learned).

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HL is amazing and as time goes on it will all become very common “second nature” for you. You will miss its abilities in other titles. As far as index controllers and over-all VR experience goes HL is the best. Be sure to try “The Lab” , Apeture hand lab, and the moondust demo (not remembering how exactly I loaded moondust but look it up). Glad I could help get things looking right. Keep us informed on what you think! Enjoy

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I had a few concerns about the Index controllers. I’ve seen numerous reports that only 1 would work reliably and people have resorted to adding an additional wireless dongle.

I’m pleased to report that I’ve had no issues like that with my 8K headset. Also, I have not had any problems with tracking, even though I still haven’t installed my second (v1) base station. I’m still configured for seated VR with only 1 base station, but I can play standing too, as long as I don’t move from the very small area where I can swing my arms around, without hitting any furniture.

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I have had little to no trouble with the index controllers and pimax. Some minor issues but overall way better then the wands.

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