Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay Videos

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build the racing setup yourself with wood. That’s what i’m halfway through doing. much cheaper and more customizable.

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Great suggestion, but I only have a small area available, so I need something lightweight, which can be folded/collapsed, so that I can stick in in a closet. Something like this: https://arozzi.com/product-category/racing-simulator-stand/ , unless someone has a better suggestion.

I can give you a stellar suggestion. Stay away from that arozzi.

I bought one on boxing day, for $200 CAD thought it seemed like a good idea. Played with it for a week and returned it with extreme prejudice.

The problem with that stand is

  1. The main tube along the bottom is a cylinder. this is a huge design flaw. When you add the shifter mount and the wheel the second you get up the whole thing wants to tip to the right and will fall over.

This would not have happened if the main tube was square shapeed

  1. The plate for the wheel did not appear to be drilled for T300RS. but then I noticed if i disassembled the entire plate and flipped it in reverse there were two holes that lined up. This is not indicated in the manual anywhere. When I asked them about this they responded by saying that seemed like an mistake . lol

  2. Despite appearances the distance you have between your chair and the wheel and pedals is smaller than you think. I’m not a huge guy (5’ 10 190lbs ripped like hugh Jackman :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ) but getting into and out of that thing was a joke.

I was never so glad to return a product in my life. Hence now I’m building one.

If i space was an issue I would either go Wheel Stand Pro or the Next Level Racing Stand. or the playseat challenge

all of those fold up when not in use. The challenge might be better if you are using string pedals and don’t want to wheel or chair sliding away from you.


Thanks for the tip! The Openwheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand also looks reasonable and it does have square tubes.


Just been messing about with the Steam Home environments, and this game looks like its going to be Soooooo good, going by the Home environments :+1::astonished:
Not my video but you get the idea.

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Has anyone tried Half-Life environment in steam vr home environment? The reason I am asking is that for me in my 8k+ headset it is not rendering correctly. About 90% of the environment is in red lines. It’s a weird effect that ive never seen before in vr. If someone else could check this out with a Pimax headset it would be appreciated. My fear is the game won’t work with a Pimax headset. That would not be good since we are all supposed to be getting this game for free with the Index controllers.

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You need to download the asset pack. I had the same before I realize you need the the pack as well as the room environment.


Where do you find the asset pack?

Same place you found the environments.


Hi, i just tried half life Alyx City environment, it looks fantastic! near photorealism, can’t wait for this game. So my 8k+ doesn’t have the red lines you mentioned


I can get SteamVR Home up (I had disabled it), but I cannot get the app to accept my Steam controller Y button. (I don’t own any VR controllers.) It seems a lot of people have had this problem, but none of the suggestions worked for me. Bummer!

Did anyone else hit this problem? If so, did you find a solution?

There has also been a steam update that fixed the problem some users have had with the red lines.

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I dont have that controller, but can you not remap the button ?

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It’s not just the button. My controller seems to be completely ignored.

I had the same problem with an Xbox controller. There was no solution.

Is this any good to you ?

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you can use this : https://www.driver4vr.com/

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