Half Life Alyx Non VR Mod


I can’t imagine how disappointed the pancake gamers will be when their first play-through of Alyx is on a flat screen and then when they experience it in VR, it wont be as magical because they had already played it before.

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2 different types of consumers. These mods just demonstrate Valve was dumb to have not dis this is in the first place as the backlash demonstrated making Alyx VR only.

I do think VR is the better way to xp it. However this new half life has been waited on long before the re emergence of VR.

The backlash is understandable, however it did put VR on the radar for a lot of people who were going to dismiss it outright. Had they released a non-VR version, people wouldn’t bother even considering VR. Plus it probably would have significantly delayed the game and there are a lot of great interactions in Alyx that can’t be replicated well on a flat screen.


Hard to say on that one. It did help to boost Index sales

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They received lots of positive press coverage on how Half Life Alyx set a new standard for VR. People are buying up all kinds of headsets to be able to play the game.


Two of my friends purchased HMDs to play this game, and I previously had zero friends with VR IRL. They all loved to play on my setup, but this was the final nudge. YouTube threads on vr headsets are filled with new purchases excited to play Alyx. Between the game and the timing of coronavirus it’s a game changer for VR. Right now I think HMD quality is amazing too, the quest, rift S, index, and pimax hmds are all huge steps ahead of gen1 in different ways, and it’s about the right time for mass adoption imo.

For me it’s no issue, but base stations are a non-starter for many people in apartments, so I’m glad other options are so well fleshed out.