Half-Life: Alyx on 8K X


Super spontaneously gonna check out the 8K X on Alyx live now!




Alright, here is the full video:

TLDW: It ran fine on the 8KX, 75 fps. The game is really well optimized. Afterwards I checked it out on the Index:

Bye, Sebastian


I don’t see how anyone can say the index looks better than the 8kx. I have index and 8k+ and the 8k+ is considerably better! There’s no way I would play this in an Index when I have an 8k+! Nooooo waaaay!

But to each there own I guess. I also can’t take Seb serious anymore after these comments! Actually I stopped doing that a while ago after he endorsed the Cyber Shoes so heavily.

Don’t worry Pimax users your 8kx will be way better than an Index!

What seems somewhat funny to me though was the things about 8kx that he was saying at CES and before that at some of the Pimax meetup. Now all of a sudden the index looks better. Something sounds a little fishy to me. A non biased 8kx preview COMING UP!


It’s more likely Valve has spent a lot of time optimising Alyx for the index but as you say it will still look awesome on the 8kx .


I have again tried using My 5k+, but went back to the index, there is some thing not right with the geometry of the image on wide and normal FOV it is just off and dose not look right or feel right, not so bad if you switch to small FOV.

  1. Enable Parallel Projection.

  2. Disable FFR.

  3. Contrast +2, Brightness -2 in PiTool.

  4. You need to increase the maxRecommendedResolution. With default 4096, the 8KX looks low-resolution as soon as you turn on PP or Large FOV. With 16384 you get full sharpness on Normal and Large FOV with PP enabled. The config file in use can be found in 2 different locations:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\steamvr.vrsettings"
    Just add this line and restart SteamVR:

  5. Game settings on Ultra

  6. Use a RTX 2080 or 2080Ti with 8KX. The game has dynamic resolution, so if you run low on performance, the game will decrease the resolution automatically.

  7. Update to latest Nvidia drivers (improves performance and more)

  8. Enjoy. HL Alyx on 8KX blows away the Valve Index in every single way, hands down.



Is this number the same for 5K+?

Thanks in advance


Just set it to 16384, even if its overkill for 5K+, it wont harm and wont affect the performance on the 5K+.
With this number, you simply remove any resolution limitation SteamVR has, no matter what headset you run.


OK :+1:
Perfect, just the information I was looking for.



I second that, the game already looks amazing on my 8k+ cant imagine recommending the Index with it’s lower Resolution and FOV


Have you used an index ?

Of course I said I own one. You don’t own a 8k+ or X. You own a 5k+. I can see how one would prefer index to 5k+, I for one did not! But index and 5k+ are similar. 8k+ is better than 5k+ and I expect 8kX is even better yet.


no that’s why i wrote, i can’t imagine it to recommend it, why return to lower FOV if it’s this good? And then even recommend it over a 4k native headset? But i guess everyone has a different experience.
I don’t want to go in to arguing what people should do and what they should like, but from my point of view as a 8k+ owner it’s weird…


Because “its Valve Index” :wink: Why ppl still buy iPhones is beyond my understanding, especially since new Android phones are better in every single way - and many of them cheaper. But hey its Apple!


Well, there is definitely 1 reason im going to order index right today - HL:A is out, and my 8kx is still not delivered. My basestations are missing too, though someone said 1 months ago they have started shippments to EU. Goodbye pimax :slight_smile:


And were did I say the image was worse than the index, please explane ?

Yes I agree, But I am not on about image quality, I was saying the Image is out of shape compared to the index. Now this could also be due to the fact the IPD will not go down low enough on MY 5k+.

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My image shape is fine, I see know differences between index. I did a back to back comparison.


Exselent, :+1: But I do :-1:.

Likely just down to individual experiences with a wide FOV headset. When I had my 5k+ I thought the image looked great and was never bothered by distortion or any other artifacts that a lot of people experienced with it. I am currently using a Valve Index because the image was really similar to my 5k+ but the overall experience due to comfort and audio quality was better. I do still miss that FOV though. I have an 8KX on order and look forward to getting my wide FOV back along with the improved resolution and added comfort. The reduction in audio quality is the only thing that I don’t look forward to with the 8KX.