Half-Life: Alyx on Artisan

Dear all,

today I streamed Half-Life: Alyx on the Artisan:

Before this stream, I had already played quite some time in German language, for all the German speaking people, you could watch it here:

I really enjoyed using the Artisan. It was a great experience with Half-Life: Alyx! The wide FOV, no perceivable distortions, 120hz, it was great! The Artisan is a great headset!

Now looking forward to try this in the 8K Plus that is going to arrive at the MRTV HQ soon!

Bye, Sebastian


Yes I think Pimax is missing a golden opportunity not getting the Artisan to Amazon in bulk as soon as possible. It’s only a matter of time before something is widely available that is good.
Maybe it will be the new HP headset or maybe the rumored new Oculus headset, or one of the multiple XR2 variants we haven’t seen yet. With the head start they have, I can’t imagine why it is taking so long (other than the obvious Corona issue).

Is there any tips and tricks how to get best experience in HLA with Artisan?
::: Ryzen 5 1600 OC 4.0 Ghz, ASUS Strix 1080 OC to Ti clocks, 16 GB RAM.

Going to need parallel projections enabled, but other than that I’d just set the game to high settings and enjoy with that hardware. Ultra hardly looks any better, but you’ll get occasional hickups.

FWIW my secondary PC has your exact setup minus overclocks (1600 3.6ghz, gtx 1080 FE) and it runs just fine on my 5k+ at normal FOV.

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