Half Life Alyx Vr , Pimax results and troubleshooting

Post here your experience and fps results , large or normal fov and and and …

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Just unlocked for me a minute ago :+1: :beer:

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I am even more exited than the orange box release or crysis 1 release

game is “unpacking” …driving me crazy ha!

worth maybe getting latest nvidia drivers too as the one just up there today mentions Alyx. You never know :wink: could be worth getting them!

They are HL:Alyx specific and…already installed :wink:

ready to launch in 4 minutes lol…

Thought I’d have 1 achievement unlocked. Staying alive this long :grinning:

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graphics are outrageous omg…but, incremental turning is a needed hot fix. Even turned off in menu it’s still active.


HOLY F*%KIN S&*T… THOSE GRAPHICS :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

-Side note: Are you guys running with PP on? I’m getting flickering in my right far corner.

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yes graphics are ground breaking, not seen yet in VR…have you tried crushing a tin can? You can pick it up then increase the grip and it will crush down exactly to your grip force.

I’m also getting popping on the right side with pp off and tried Hidden area mast on off, same result hmm.

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I reset my pimax after setting PP on and there’s no flickering. Game is absolutely STUNNING. Even the intro menu is amazing.

So does it work without artifacts with PP off?

I was getting flickering of objects in the corner with PP off. I have it turned on, and settings set to high (5K+). Seems to be running great so far, but I haven’t encountered combat yet. It feels like a movie.

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I am getting strange visuals when looking at the blood or some object shadows. its flickering …

gg pimax -.-

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Flickering objects on the edge too, but that’s not the most annoying: blood textures on the floor are not aligned.

EXACTLY -.- I am sad …

Does anyone have smooth turning working or is it a hotfix down the road scenario?

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Ya needs smooth turning but man is this nice.

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1080ti/i7 4790k
Pitool 0.258
Normal FOV 120 Hz
Ultra fidelity

Ran great! Very beautiful!