Hand module and DCS

Yes, that works for me too, with all the controllers.

Hmm, I’ll do some digging, I must be missing something, thanks.

Edit: Well, I’ll be danged! Works for me, too! It’s a bit tricky, in part because I’m not used to it, but it works! The configuration that I was doing is to interact with the gui, obviously, and is not needed for the rest of it.
Back to the drawing board! Thanks, that should change a few things!!

Edit2: I fly/crash helicopters and this means that I have to re-configure my throttle to get it out of my way! A lot of things on that center console! Fun times!

I use a voice command for this - ‘stick toggle’ , ‘pilot toggle’ . Like everything else not documented as a rare exception, these are pointed to default DCS World keybinds.

Somebody really should start improving usability and awareness for my extendedInterface stuff…

Here’s something from a while back… (scroll up to top of page) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/47492-control-of-cockpit-buttons-using-leap-motion-your-own-hands/?tab=comments#comment-766711

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Ok, my “final” results are that this is interesting, fun and not actually usable. Too flaky by far.
If it had the accuracy that SweViver and Arminelec have gotten out of the device, that would be one thing but it does NOT have anything even close to it. I’ve never gotten half of the gestures to work at all, the other ones are flaky at best. One interesting note is that tapping your hand/finger harder doesn’t help but it can hurt, lol!
It’s usable in SteamVR, but then it causes other issues in any games so I’m not sure that I’ll be able to leave the drivers enabled. Nice proof of concept, tho! Now if only we could get better ‘drivers’, SweViver…
Btw, with this driver, when you power up the real controllers, you’ll have 4 controllers in the SteamVR status window!

My throttle arrangement actually needs to be physically redone if I want to access the center console of… well, anything! It’s in the way. I need to reconfigure it to mount vertically to more closely resemble the collective on a helicopter, as well. It’s a project that I just never got around to as I started playing ED. For that, it’s fine.
I do use VoiceAttack, but not recently. It’s just been another one of those things that needs to be reconfigured since my computer build. It could be handy dealing with the throttle in DCS helicopters, tho.
I’ve looked at your software and it’s way over my head. I have no idea what we’re supposed to do with it or how to use it.
I’m still very interested in your experiences with DCS and the hand module, when you have time…

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The official word from Pimax is that the hand module is not supported in DCS…

PimaxUSA has basically stated otherwise. I am finally testing that now, after having spent much time designing an adaptable Inter-Process-Communication bus largely intended for VR applications.

I hope I will not encounter a bunch of SteamVR problems and performance regressions trying this…

Hope you get it running and if so… please share :slight_smile:

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mount throttle vertically? oh no if your using warthog or similar just invert the throlle on controls so that pulling back raises the collective and pushing forward lowers it

if you use it like a fixed wing throttle forward to increase and backwards to decrease your muscle memory will be hard to break


Warthog? I wish! I have a Thrustmaster TWCS throttle.
I switched the orientation some time ago, and yes, it took some re-training, lol! Especially going into Elite Dangerous, as I keep that orientation.
The problem was that the throttle was mounted on a plate that was mounted to the side of my cockpit. Think armrest with a small table. This physically prevents me from moving my hand lower than my elbow on that side. Removing the “table” and mounting the throttle vertically, and directly to the seat, means that I can now reach down by my leg, where a true collective would be. This also opens up the area that would correspond to the ‘center console’, so I can now actually poke the buttons on it. I also finally got around to setting the keybind for the throttle control on it. Too bad that DCS won’t allow an axis for throttle control (it’s ‘button’ only) as my throttle actually has a free wheel that I could have used.

Thanks for the idea, tho! Reversing the throttle control is definitely one of those things that you need to do if you’re going to fly 'copters with any kind of regularity!

?? i have a axis on my collective and i can set it in DCS.


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Hand tracking works in DCS World. Well enough to punch numbers, silence master caution, drop hook, change MFD pages, etc.

At the end of the day, hand tracking definitely allows access to flight deck buttons and grabbing OVRDrop panels in situations where this would otherwise not be feasible, but the controller emulation is not a substitute for real controllers, except within Pimax Experience (where it is a major convenience).

Native hand tracking capabilities are of course vastly more impressive.

Modified controller emulation driver (from DCS World forums) worked better for me than the upstream driver mentioned by @PimaxUSA . Also, installing the ‘Leap Motion SteamVR Driver’ recommended by the ‘DCS Leap’ project seemed to make it work even better, though I did not find ‘DCS Leap’ itself pragmatic.


Being able to hover the left (throttle hand) controller over a button or wheel, and click or scroll with a button on a trackball mouse extends the system to cover most situations. Of course, the trackball itself is extremely useful in all remaining flight deck button pushing situations, more so than a typical mouse.

I also found it helpful to bind the voice commands ‘construct hands’ , ‘destruct hands’ to 'sc start “LeapService” ’ , etc . This makes it possible to start/stop LeapMotion tracking anytime hand tracking is conflicting with other controls, or is otherwise inconvenient.

I’m not sure if we’re “crossing wires” or just have different options.

My throttle is set for the collective. As you probably know, on a helicopter, the throttle and the collective are two different things. While flying, you are usually changing the collective pitch, not touching the throttle. I can’t speak to rl, but in sims, the only time you touch the throttle on the helicopter is in starting up. After that, it’s usually set automatically according to load.

In DCS, the only options provided for setting the throttle on my Thrustmaster Throttle, are buttons. No axis. The Thrustmaster throttle is unusual in that it actually has 3 different axis available on it, but none of them are available as choices for setting the helicopter throttle.
Hope this makes sense, lol.

The SDraw patch file that you link. To install it, just copy the contents of the bin and resources folder into the existing Leap folder in the default SteamVR folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers\leap ?

This would be the install folder for the SDraw driver that PimaxUSA linked.

Looking forward to seeing how much of an improvement that makes and then testing the other one! Thanks for those links!!

Could you provide a lot more detail on this, please! I totally agree that it’s “otherwise inconvenient”!

Exactly. Also, I suppose I should mention, having it named something other than ‘leap’ does not seem to work.

Could you provide a lot more detail on this, please!

Uh, it is fairly straightforward, so not really? Basically you just want to add voice commands to Voice Attack that call this as ‘administrator’ …

C:\windows\system32\sc start LeapService

C:\windows\system32\sc stop LeapService

Or bind them to some sort of macro keys, joystick buttons, etc. Basically you are doing the same thing as going to ‘services.msc’ and starting/stopping ‘LeapService’ .

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That’s actually what I was looking for! Sorry, didn’t mean to complicate the question. Thanks!

Sure. Also remember to turn off your actual wand/index controllers, or the leap motion emulated controllers will not take priority. Unfortunately, short of adding a hardware power off switch, I cannot find a faster way to turn them off, or a way to turn them off when plugged in (which means I will probably hardware mod my controllers in the near future… grr…) .

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maybe, i have a Huey collective from microhelis. it has all the functionality and DCS sees it -the throttle on my collective as an axis hope this clears confusion.


Well, I must be missing something. I see no way to stop a service using VoiceAttack. I can stop processes, which leads me to LeapSvc.exe, but I can’t use sc.exe to close the Service LeapMotion.

The closest that I’ve found is to go to “Other/VoiceAttack Action/Execute Another Command” then “Execute by name(Advanced)”. This leads to “Unable to Execute Command … Command not available”.
Doesn’t make any difference whether I’m running VA in admin or not.
Any idea what I’m missing? Thanks!