Hand tracking. Did I miss the sale?

I notice that the hand tracking is shipping to some people soon. Did I miss it going on sale? It still says coming soon on the Pimax Store page? Thanks. John.

There was an option to pay an extra 100$ or something to get it back during the Kickstarter campaign as far as I remember. So I assume it is those backers.


Thanks. That explains it. I’ll wait until it appears in store then.

Interesting. I got my pledged 100 back via coupon and nobody mentioned that the offer is still valid :confused: Confusion again :frowning:
Since I’m ordering hand tracking anyway.

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So you backed the hand tracker but they “refunded” you with a $100 coupon, even though you still wanted it?

AFAIK they never invalidated the KS Hand tracking, so the only reason you should have been offered a coupon is if you requested a refund and it sounds like you didn’t want to. :thinking:

If you requested to get a refund, then the offer is no longer valid. If you backed it during the KS and there was some sort of miscommunication which caused it to be refunded, then maybe you can make a ticket and get it for the original $100 price.

During spring I’ve got an impression that hand tracking and swords are not coming in the near future and 8KX was already almost ready, so I thought I close all of this and requested a refund for all the extra things except the Backer Box and then have spent it on Plan F and Eye Tracking. So have to pay now full price for Hand Tracking :confused:
My faith was not strong enough!

Fair enough. It’s hard to judge correctly with all the missed deadlines.