Hand tracking... disappointing

So… my hand tracking module arrived the other day, and I quickly installed it. I Downloaded the correct drivers following the installation guide that I had to find online because there was no instruction kit with the module itself. It’s one of my pet peeves today is that he can’t just open up an instruction manual for a game or new hardware and get on with making it work. Now you have waste time online. Anyhow, I got hand tracking working in in the Pimax Experience, and it was pretty underwhelming. Extremely difficult just to push the PE buttons and I could never get it to scroll down on an information tab. I can’t see using it in a game along side my joystick and throttle for fear that every time I grab the throttle I’d wind up triggering a key or a push button or something in the sim. And of course the other side of the coin is it’s so imprecise that I doubt that I could accurately operate switches and levers in a flight Sim using it. It’s very disappointing. The best thing about it was the packaging which was very nice. The product itself on the software? Maybe not so much.



Sorry for the inconvenience sir.
Does the HT calibrate nicely while installing? We will forward your issue to the tech and our partner to find out the reason on the software.

#Edit : Could you please share the email address to us, so we could as our partner,UItraleap to contact with you, to diagnose the issue.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2021.



I had some problems with this myself at first. Pimax Experience uses the hand tracking as an invisible line from the headset, through the hand, to the panels. This means whenever either the hands or the HMD is moved, the cursor position changes. This takes practice before it becomes intuitive.

Also, the best technique for ‘grabbing’ things with the hand tracking is thumb, index, and middle finger, pinched together, while the remaining two fingers remain extended. This seems to be least ambiguous to the tracking software.


I just haven’t found any huge uses for it, I use it for PVRE as a cool way to open a game instead of using my mouse, but isn’t too useful outside of that.


Lol, I received my hand tracking over a month ago , and now I know why its been sitting still it’s box unopened on my desk since.

I think i’m enjoying the packaging so much I fear the eventual let down of actually using it.

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Now if this guy cold add handtracking support to this … we’d be in business.

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If someone is considering selling handtracking please PM

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