Hand_tracking module for DCS World?

Will HT module work with DCS? I noticed in game options that they have Capto Glove support and meybe some other gloves… I want flick virtual cockpit switches with my fingers! @SweViver

Also found this video :

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Fly Inside maybe? In theory that’s what that one is all about…

Hopefully once these sims start to integrate handtracking they will also allow multiple other inputs to be stacked alongside it. I’d like to be able to use my normal yoke setup alongside handtracking.

The capto Gloves will not work.

PointCtrl is a realy nice Solution from a DCS Pilot.

This Flight Sim tested by our resident Sweviver seems to unofficially support Hand Tracking but can’t find the one you mentioned, sorry.

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word from the people that bought this(ED forums) is it isnt reliable and is frustrating to use and pretty much a waste of money

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That’s too bad. It’s a great idea, but the lack of tactile feedback probably makes it challenging to use. I would think that gloves, which could apply pressure to your fingers would be an improvement (so that you could “feel” the environment you are interacting with).

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This version is much newer than those and is more accurate and has a much wider hand detection FOV.

Many of the sources of frustration were because if you move your hands even slightly outside the detection range it has to reacquire, same issue could occur if you moved your hands too quickly.

This version has the widest detection and the highest refresh rate. I think once tested many will really appreciate just how much the hand tracking has improved. These have close to a 20% wider fov than our CES version did.


I was referring to the captoglove(mentioned on their forums) supported by eagle dynamics not youre particular product

Sry, I hadn’t tried the capto glove but I have tried dcs with various iterations of LM.

LM? I have an 8Kx on preorder mostly for DCS and Im very interested in both the eyetracking and the hand tracking ,how has your experience been in DCS?are you able to manipulate the switches in the cockpits successfully?

LM = LeapMotion now UltraLeap.