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Opening a new thread because of my problem, previously posted here:


I have attached my Hand Motions to my Pimax 5k+ SN:20360085xxxxxx. Model: P2
PiTool Version: V1.0.2.087
Installed: https://github.com/SDraw/driver_leap

In Pimax VR Experience my hand motions works fine it seems. They track my individually fingers.
In “Half-life Alyx” and “Big Screen” they does not work good.

For example in Half-life Alyx: Its not really playable. Very hard to navigate. Menu constantly shows up when my left hand is resting. I guess the menu should show up when left hand is closed like a fist, but yeah menu constantly shows up because i don’t always stretch my hand and fingers like a German soldat in WW2. Very hard to also move in the game. Tracking individually fingers are gone in this game, here its open or closed hand. Fist or German.

In SteamVR i can se the controllers and VR headset. When i move my hands in front of the headset its display “tracking” else “not tracking”.

Any one able to play Half-life Alyx with Hand motions? What could be a solution for this, is there a solution for this?

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Because of: Hand Tracking not working, install issues. Anyone with 5k+/xr have it working?

Have you any answers @Ultraleap_Dan? Or anyone else? :slight_smile:

Now, “digital” coming from latin “digitus” = finger, because of retracted/stretched reflect the binary 0/1 logic makes total sense in this context :smiley: (sorry, n ot helpful, I know. But couldn’t resist this one)

I also now have tried the game “Neos VR”. Doesn’t work. Very hard to navigate. I cannot recommend anyone to purchase Pimax handmotions right now if you are looking to use them in any game.

Seems like no one have any idea if its possible to make them playable.

Anyone tried any games with the Handmotion and got it to actually work?

Hand tracking works in Neos but you can’t actually do anything besides grab objects with the pinch gesture and press buttons physically. It’s a really cool thing to show off and play with, but if you’re expecting to actually have a good experience playing games with it you’re going to have a bad time.

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