Hardware/firmware bug reporting?

Last night, after I turned the audio volume down (can’t remember what program I was in) I noticed that the volume for the HMD speakers got stuck down at a very low level, even though the system reported that the USB audio level was at 100%. I tried various different programs, launched through Pimax Experience and SteamVR. I tried adjusting the volume with the HMD arrowhead buttons, and using the Windows audio control.

My normal Windows audio through headphones was fine.

Eventually I rebooted the HMD though PiTool, and that fixed it, suggesting that it is a hardware/firmware issue. I’d like to report it as a bug, but I can only find bug reporting threads for Pimax Experience and PiTool.

What is the best way to do so? Raise a support ticket? Has anyone else had this problem?

I had audio issues on my first attempt after .60 update. Got it worked out and works now when I launch games and it mirrors correctly. It did seem to mess things up at first.

There’s no official way of reporting bugs for anything other than Pimax Experience AFAIK.

@Alex.liu is the one to tag regarding PiTool (and firmware?) issues… :wink:

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OK, thanks.

@Alex.liu - bug report follows.

The symptoms were that after turning the volume down in the HMD audio, the volume got “stuck” at a very low level, even though the system volume for the USB Audio device showed as 100%. Normal Windows audio output through headphones was OK. HMD audio volume was restored after using PiTool to do a HMD reboot.

PiTool version
HMD Firmware

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