Has anybody removed the lenses from 8K Plus?

So I have 2 bits of what looks like black fluff on the inside of the lens and I have tried to pull out the lens with a suction cup like has been suggested without success. The video I saw was from a 5k and I’m wondering if the lenses have changed since then or I just need to get a stronger suction cup. Really don’t want to RMA just for this and I’ve already lost 2 of the tiny screws from trying to look inside it so nervous about pulling it apart myself. I’ve pulled fairly hard on it with a suction cup but its stuck in there solid.

I think @jojon has been tweaking his lenses extensively.

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The first time i removed mine from the 5K+, they were in quite tight too. Easier going in and back out the 2nd time.
I don’t see the 8K+ assembly being any diff but @SweViver would know.

Good to know, I have found some better suction cups on amazon that are specifically for removing phone screens so will get those and try again. Thanks

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So Pimax replied this morning and to send it to their repair place in France from the UK will cost me 136 euros in tax because of Brexit even under warranty! So gonna have to try this myself now :frowning:

Pimax were really cool actually offered to send me replacement lenses so I could change it myself and linked this tutorial video how to do it :slight_smile:


Did it myself with the 5K+ and it was pretty easy with a suction cup and some patience.

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Thanks, good to know it actually works I was pulling on it for 20 minutes wouldnt move. probably need a better suction cup. Pimax sent me a tutorial video anyway they used a flat-head screwdriver to do it.

You need to use the suction cup towards the center of the HMD and not the middle of the lens, then pull up and towards the oppostie side to get some leverage.

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