Has anyone here tried the XTAL?

Has anyone here tried the XTAL?

What did you think of it? Is the world scale off like MRTV mentioned? Also are they selling the XTAL 8K already or only the 5K? Does it work with SteamVR games? Is the field of view the same as Pimax, 180 degrees?

There is some info from events before the zombie apocalypse, not sure if the first one refers to the 8K version.

MRTV also made a video at CES, I’d bet there are a few others out there.

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I am also thinking about buying an xtal 8k but I need to see a review first

It has a lot of similar specs to the 8K X but is several times more expensive. But it has some goodies and custom lenses.

If anything the real difference I noticed with the Xtal lenses and Pimax was the clarity from left to right. I remember it as a full stretch sweet spot. It was like looking at a wide screen but not too far from your eyes. With Pimax there is a real area of focus and then the rest. That might be where the price difference comes from. But the Xtal had a smaller view area. Visible black borders all around the wide screen. It was immersion breaking for me because I’m used to Pimax horizontal and vertical fov


So I got a reply from them regarding the inquiry.

  • They fixed the world scale issue in a software update this past month
  • The XTAL 8K is not being sold yet. Production starting in late Q2 or early Q3
  • Headset supports all SteamVR games
  • XTAL 8K is $7890 and XTAL 5K is $6890

Awesome news thanks !

I thought the xtal has a 170 horizontal fov and the pimax only a 160 degree horizontal (large ) fov

Wow that’s a lot of money!!! Have Star Vr released any pricing yet?

StarVR wouldn’t tell me their price since they’re not selling to consumers and also their headset’s FOV is not compatible with most SteamVR games. But their price in the past was $3200.

You could probably get the price from contacting them if you pretend to be a company.

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They both make the pimax price look a lot better thank you.

Yeah, for the price of an XTAL 8K, you could buy 6 Pimax 8KX headsets and still have some cash to spare. I was willing to pay for the StarVR because the FOV is so nice.

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So far “buy” is inaccurate, “order” would be more appropriate.

I tested the XTAL back at CES.
Resolution/SDE slightly better than 8KX, horizontal FOV is more or less identical to Pimax, but vertical is maybe 20 degrees smaller. The world scale, 3D depth and perspective is off. Very off. Its a serious issue. They are still working on it though, Ive been told by Marek. Im sure they will fix it sooner or later, and maybe done so already.


But even if they fixed it, and one had money growing on trees so the 6K$ price tag is no issue - isn’t that headset a complete concrete brick to wear for more than just some 30 minute at a time, unless you have a neck like The Rock Johnson ??


Rather 9K$, plus SteamVR tracking “cage”.

It is heavy. But who am I to judge :wink:


So the steam vr tracking cage does cost 1100$ extra to the 7890$ price of the hmd and is necessary to have steam vr tracking :open_mouth: ?

I don’t know what Sweviver is talking about. Never heard of a tracking cage. They wrote to me in response to my question about 6dof tracking with “It works with all most used tracking systems (LightHouse 2.0, Optitrack, ART, Mo-Sys and more).”

Headset: 720 g (without headstrap)
Headstrap (incl. balance counter-weigh)t: 440 g

In comparison, Valve Index headset weighs 809g (without cable).

It has 180 degree diagonal FOV while Pimax has 200 degrees diagonal.


Honestly an 8k price is a bit crazy. Maybe I’d consider it if it was the perfect HMD in every aspect, from panels to lenses to audio to comfort. But it seems highly likely that the weight alone makes this HMD far from perfect. Also I remember several people who tried the XTAL said there was still noticeable distortion. So not sure then why people would want to buy this.

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because of the non frenel lenses and gpu usage and fps is better . Sweeviver did explain that in his video about the xtal