Has anyone played BattleGroupVR?

It’s a game that was released end of July and it has lots of positive reviews:

It looks similar to elite dangerous. Hopefully it won’t require parallel projection.


It has a similar stylised look and set in space. I think it might play very different (Elite Dangerous being a fps and this an rts) . Matteo311 did a good video https://youtu.be/RcOiSp1RZ_s


Sorry, no. As soon as I read “train your captains”, I knew this wasn’t my kind of game. :slight_smile:


It kinda looks like that Star Trek VR game crossed with a rudimentary Homeworld or Infinity Battlescape. It implies you can directly fly the things, and not just backseat management.

But still, I agree it’s not really my cup of tea. Certainly not the same gameplay as ED etc


Nifty. But I have largely lost interest in RTS, since dipping my toes in Eve Online. Real HOTAS, real pilots behind every ship, PvP multiplayer, in VR, all the way!

As far as I can see, this still does nothing to fill the void carved out by FDev.