Has anyone tried the new 6M Fiber cable for 8K-X

Has anyone tried this cable? It seems to have only one USB port.


Pretty sure it’s not released yet. It also says “notify me”… :wink:

It’s most likely not even a picture of the real cable.

Maybe @PimaxUSA knows what the cable looks like? My guess is it’s just a bad 3D model and the actual cable has two USB connections and a DP.

EDIT: It actually only has one USB connector:

BTW. Have a look here:


Better off waiting for a cable tailor made by Pimax to have both the powered USB and display port data going down a single cable. Having multiple really adds to the weight of the slack hanging off your head.


I agree, to some extent, but for my usage the extension part of the cables are static i.e. not being moved at all as I just wanted to extend from my PC to the adjacent room… :wink:

If all You need is a little extra length and the extension part is going to be pretty static I would probably just go with a Club3D HBR3 2m DisplayPort extension cable + 2 x 2m USB3 extension cables.

That said, if the price is right on the Pimax cable that might easily be a “better” (and possibly cheaper) option.

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I bought it. We’ll see what happpens. It was for sale at the time I clicked last night.

@DrWilken JFYI they have said that it will only need the one USB.

@Soarin That’s what this is, isn’t it?


It only uses 1 USB port and in some cases it improves the SNR.


Not if it’s sent from China to an EU country :laughing:


Sounds good :+1:
But that cable should really be the standard cable for the 8KX, seeing the normal 8KX cable is shorter than the cables used for the older models.
More than “some” people struggle with the shorter cable, myself included. I’ve bought the 3 meter Clud3D cable and usb extensions you and Marcin tested, but it’s not working, too much noise.

This cable would make it same length probably.


Thanks for the response. I’ve updated my reply above… :wink:


Same experience I had. It would probably work with the 2m one, but as that wasn’t long enough for me I went on to try some of the fiber optical cables and found a (5m) match… :wink:



my 8kx work fine
on my 3.0 usb hub


i think is useful for 90hz !


i think this should be a free upgrade if its needed for 90HZ. This HMD cost a fortune and i just bought mine. Would be pretty sad if 90Hz and a new cable comes in a month for 99 euro…

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I opened a live chat last night on a whim to ask for an update on this order and I was told that it is not in stock until December.

So I guess it was a mistake that it was available for purchase in the store when this thread was first posted.

I thought this was supposed to be 10m…


May seem like an obvious question, but why is this called a “Fiber Optical” cable? To my knowledge the 8kx doesn’t have a fiber port, unless I’m totally blind. It just doesn’t make sense. Beyond that, if were actual fiber optics I would be hesitant to use one for VR HS because the cable is delicate and would most likely be destroyed quickly from twisting or kinking.

What am I missing here? Is this some kind of buzzword marketing that is really misguided?

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optical fiber is not actually fragile if it is chosen correctly. the one that brings internet to your house is as thin as a hair (under the protective sheath) survives 90 ° angles of 2cm radius (and a car can run over it at low speed without damage).
moreover we know how to make digital / optical converters hardly bigger than a DP connector.
this cable includes optics and power. it will probably be thinner and more flexible with less electrical disturbance.
the Oculus Link cable is also based on optics.

sorry for my bad english(i’m french)


You explained it perfectly well and educated me on something I had no idea about! I appreciate the information :slight_smile:


I have been testing the 6m fibre optic cables for almost a week now. These are more flexible, a bit thinner and yes its only 1 USB 3.0 connection + DP 1.4. Works great so far, also with hand tracking and eye tracking.

Whenever it will work with upcoming 90Hz or not is to me unknown, but I see no reason why it shouldn’t. Also Im pretty sure the current 75Hz limitation is not caused by the bundled standard 5m cable, but the Displayport bandwidth limit. And I know we have a team working on a solution for that.

I suspect, besides the more stable signal and the fact that these doesn’t need the shield layer, the fibre optic cables are propably more durable in the long term. I got two of these so will use one to some hardcore bending and extreme usage to see how long it lasts. So far so good :slight_smile:


You all should consider a second usb connection for the eye tracking module.