Has anyone who backed the full package asked for controllers refund?

I remember that there was some talk about the controllers refund at the last Pimax Now, and I wonder if anyone has already tried that and with what results?

Pimax refunded me with 144 USD, minus the paypal fees 135 USD If I remember correctly

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Did you create a ticket or asked over an email?

I requested the refund by ticket

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Just for the record, I have received the refund for the controllers myself. Pimax claimed 4% of 150 USD to be a split fee (a half of 8% which Kickstarter and Stripe together have charged for processing the KS money) so they sent 144 USD (but put this comment in the transaction 取消手柄,退款150美金 :slight_smile:). PayPal took another 8 USD processing fee, so I ended with 136 USD.

I guess I am more disturbed by the fees (all KS, Stripe and PayPal), which are hard to justify for me, except by “people are paying them, so why not”. I wonder if there are some cheaper means to transfer money around than PayPal (I am aware of Revolut, but I guess not everyone has it, or even can have it).

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