Having bad experience dealing with Pimax

I ordered a bundle, they sent my ONLY the headset, which is basically a $2,000 CAD paperweight at the moment, but what REALLY SUCKS, is they wont reply to my messages on support ticket or to the email address included in the box!

Not even an acknowledgment of my message, certainly haven’t sent the missing items!!

This is very frustrating, Im not sure what else to do except contact my credit card company!

This week, in China the most people not work.
An autumn festival is celebrated there.

You can try some seated games, there no controllers/bases needed.
PC Cars, DCS, Elite… … …

I did not realize this is a holiday in China, hopefully that is all this is, but I called their US phone number, also never get an answer.

Combining that with just realizing also that they sent the standard not deluxe headset version, which means i can’t even keep this one and wait for accessories, I have to start the replacement process, send back and wait all over again!!

This is not the experience I would expect from paying so much for what is essentially a toy!

the deluxe speakers will be delivered later. they are not finished yet.

I’m curious what makes you say this? I have just double checked everything from the listing on the website, all the emails related to the order, and support ticket when upgrading my order to the bundle, but I don’t see reference to this.

I apologize if I missed something obvious and over reacted, its easy to get emotional over these kinds of purchases, and is good news if I don’t have to send this back.

From my perspective, there were 2 options for the cart, I chose deluxe, they sent standard, and didn’t see (notice) anything from them to indicate otherwise.

they send the standard version to all DMAS buyers. The DMas should be ready soon. You can then change it with a few screws.

It is possible that it will come with the stations and controllers. Pimax are not the fastest, specially the mail service (not enough people) , but the goods are coming.

Edit - I just read that the first DMAS are on their way.

Wow you seem to know a lot about this, I can’t seem to even find anything clear on Google.

So I can understand if headphones weren’t ready and didn’t ship, but why did I not get the bundle parts? Shouldn’t those have been ready even before the headset, and if they were shipping separately, wouldn’t the bundle have come first?

And thanks for your help, I am much less mad since seeing you’re info, and my next step was to contact my credit card company, thinking the whole thing was a bust and theres no help from Pimax, but I will calm down and wait a little!

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the bundle comes from another warehouse.

You can find some infos here in the forum. But it is… a little bit confus. :joy:

They did confirm finally (after the holiday you mentioned) that the bundle will come separately, would have been nice to see that at anytime during the ordering process just to know what to expect!

For the Deluxe Headphones, they will actually have to reissue an entire new headset apparently, so it DOESN’T sound like the Deluxe headphone add on gets shipped separately so anyone else who got the standard when ordered the deluxe and were just expecting to get the addition, DEFINITELY should reach out!

I’m very sorry for the trouble brought to you. Last week we had a long National Day holiday, could you please tell me the ticket number you submitted? I will ask the customer service to deal with it as soon as possible.

I did try to go back after and look, but this is what I see when I try to look at what you are showing.

(in 2 screen shots so you can see everything)

As you can see the bullet point is not mentioned when I display the Canadian version of the site.

Also, the third screenshot shows the message from them saying they will reissue.

Maybe its different by country for some reason?!

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 1.31.36 PM

Thats the Standard Version, with the simple speakers

You are actually seeing the deluxe listing. The text is crossed out of the button, but you can still click on it and the price and details change. If you look at the top it says “Starting at $1,299”, but then you see in the screen shot $1,399, which is what the price changes to after you clicked the crossed out button.

I agree their site is not very clear, with the button crossed out I almost didn’t expect it do work, but it does change you to the deluxe details.

2 screenshots of the details of the standard versus deluxe. Note no mention of separate headphones as your screen shows.