Headphone Speaker Replacement for Pimax

This has probably been posted before.

I thought about buying a HTC Vive MAS and just using the headphones. That would be illogical as I might as well just use the whole strap.

What headphone speakers can be bought to replace the underperforming Pimax MAS standard speakers with 3d printed adapters?

Pimax owners, post some links to headphone models that would be modified to work.

I came across these:




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I think this 3d printed adapter might be of interest if you are going with these:

Wouldn’t mind adding these headphones but they are unavailable on amazon.

@StokeHead Are they available somewhere else?

I ended up ordering these headphones:

I thought about going the HTC DAS route but I’ll stick with the MAS and see how it holds up. Now I’ll have to get the adapters printed.