Headphones over SMAS (8KX)

A number of months ago, back shortly after CES I made a topic about the viability of wearing headphones over the 8KX’s SMAS. That thread proved to be… not all that useful. That being said, we now live in a time where there are customers that have the headset in their possession.

The concern is that the SMAS is too wide to allow typical over ear headphones to fit properly over it and make proper contact with your ears. It was viable on the index as the sides of the head mounting solution are pretty narrow in comparison and the speakers can be removed. I am aware that the speakers can be removed on the SMAS as well. However there is still a protrusion there where the speakers are mounted and on top of that general width of the SMAS seems higher too.

There was an image someone posted in the past where someone was actually wearing one over an 8KX but the headphones were aft of the SMAS speakers and were leaned back. The headstrap part of the headphones was basically on the back of the guy’s head rather than the top and was kept there because the headstrap was resting on the top of the rear of the SMAS. Basically the headphones were in “elf ear” mode. Which honestly doesnt look that promising for people that want to wear headphones properly with the 8KX.

So, for owners of the 8KX/SMAS have you managed to properly wear your headphones under/over your SMAS? What headphones were/are they? If not, what aftermarket replacement for the SMAS is there that works with the 8KX has allowed you to do that?


Mkay, I guess nobody cares?

It’s hard to care when most people haven’t even received their 8KX.


I haven’t received mine yet either, but it’s important to consider what modifications/purchases need to be made before you actually have to make them. If theres some aftermarket headstrap that would make wearing headphones over the 8KX viable then I’d prefer to know about it before I the 8KX even arrives.

For the record people seemed to care 6-7 months ago, but we didnt have much info to go on back then, now we do. So these are logical questions to ask for the sake of planning.

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I use beyerdynamic dt770s. With the 8KX, I could not get them to sit properly on my head with the SMAS. Now that I’ve removed the speakers from the SMAS, they sit fairly well, definitely acceptable. I don’t want the floating headphone design - DMAS, (too much noise from my motion rig) but I may consider the KDMAS depending on future reviews.


I mainly use the sound from my tv which is way better than the smas sound. Unfortunately, my good headphones don’t fit but I have other ones that do, which are fortunately additionally wireless.

Are there wireless headphones with no lag? I have tried different Bluetooth headphones and also one that uses another wireless technology (similar model to Sony MDR-HW700DS, not sure exactly what model do I own) and the lag has always been too much for games like Beat Saber or Audioshield.

Using the Sennheiser RS 195, mainly have that for cases where good text understandability is key, for music it is more okish and imho not worth it. For sports games I only use sound from the TV anyways because a headset is more disturbing than helpful.

I don’t think any headphones with strap on top will fit over 8KX - it’s too big and wide right there where the headphones strap is. So waiting for KDMAS and if it’s not good, then may be DMAS or even disassemble some good cheap headphones like Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and attach them to the KDMAS bars.

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As said, the Sennheiser does fit, but the AKG doesn’t. But even the first is a case of “too much things on the head”, so agreed, having better build in speakers is indeed the way to go.

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I managed to barely, just barely fit Sony XM2 fully extended and placed behind the MAS speakers.

But that is with the clamp sitting higher up the rear of my skull, not sure whether that would work once I can position the clamp lower.


at ces we saw normal headphones over the smas where they were leaning very much towards the rear. that was not with the metal hinge though which we now know forces the strap to sit too high on the rear of the head.

Personally I’m actually pretty surprised over how well the build in above ear speakers work for me after adjusting them in windows levels etc they’re loud enough that i had to turn the volume down and works fine for me for positional sound.

On the down side there’s no isolation, your neigbors will be listening to your porn and while the bass isn’t horrible it won’t convince you that you are at an edm concert anytime soon.


Yepp, for text understandability and clacks of tabletennis ball to bat contacts they are ok. For music or dramatic sound effects - not so much.

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Hmmm. You know what? I have an idea.

Remove SMAS, install VIVE DAS adapter, install vive DAS, remove the earphones/speakers that are on the Vive DAS. Then the 8KX will be able to accommodate standard headphones.

This adapter would work on the 8kx right?

I’m pretty sure the side and top attachment points of the 8kx are the same as the pimax headsets before it, so my only worry is conflict with the comfort kit at the top attachment point.

Here’s sweviver removing the speakers from the Vive DAS:

Honestly I might just go this route.

New Edit: Well, just bought the Vive DAS and the adapter. It looks like it will work considering @seattime has done it.

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I can get my Senheiser HD 650s over.


My plan currently is to just buy a DMAS. Hopefully best of all worlds. Let’s see…

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I just purchased some Skullcandy Crusher anc headphones for the extra base but I had to remove the MAS speakers to get them to fit. Now they fit fine and sound great.

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