Heads up for Immersive Display VR

Ordered a silicon shell from Immersive Display VR France, for my cracking 8K on 20th May.
Arrived this morning 7 days later to UK tracked all the way,
Great service.


I ordered a cable from them, also got it in about a week to the UK.

It is starting to sparkle too though, so once I have had a chance to video it and contact them I’ll get to see how their returns etc. is I guess.


I have to order from then the 2-1 Pimax cable which is very expensive

So I have been assured that a new cable is on the way. It was not easy to sort out though. I have to credit Immersive Display for being very responsive and helpful; they typically replied to my emails within a few hours, and sometimes within minutes. From Pimax’s side, I do not know if the issues I had were due to a misunderstanding or something else. They did respond promptly to me though.

A summary of what I did :

  • Completed a web form on immersive display’s site in the early hours of 03/06. I mentioned that I was hopeful a replacement would come from them in France instead of from Pimax in China.
  • Immersive Display replied to me at the very start of the working day, advising I contact Pimax. They asked me to tell them my Pimax ticket number when I had it so they could also raise it with Pimax.
  • I did this on the evening of 03/06. I also mentioned to Pimax that I hoped the replacement could come from France. I let ID know the number and they replied 2 hours later saying that they had raised this with Pimax.
  • Vivi from Pimax replied in the early moning, UK time, on 04/06. (S)he confused the ticket with an another active one (also cable, different one, bought from Pimax store)
  • I replied to Vivi minutes later, clarifying
  • 3 hours later I got a reply saying I should take this up with ID as I bought it from them. Note that I had explained all of this, and that they had told me to contact Pimax, when I created the ticket.
  • I replied ccing in the ID contacts. I explained again and asked ID to assist.
  • ID replied within minutes to Pimax, including me, asking what the problem was.
  • Pimax replied again in the ticket less than an hour later saying that they would “try to contact the agent immersive display​ to let them exchange the cable for you”
  • 2 minutes after this ID responded saying that they would be sending me a new cable.

Although I am a little annoyed that I had to send half a dozen emails or so, at the end of the day I have an assurance that a replacement is on the way after only about 2 working days.

E : Just received an email with a tracking link for my new cable.


Today I received my replacement cable. So 7 days from being told it would come, and 8 days from initially raising it with them.

(I have not yet tested it …)

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