Headset displays shut down randomly

Hey all!

I`ve been using my 8kx for over a year and it worked fine! Sometimes it was a bit finicky, but nothing I couldn’t solve.
Lately I have noticed that both displays might randomly shut off in 90hz mode. After going to 75hz they still turn off but come back after some time.
I checked all my display drivers and the display port driver and I can’t find anything.
Does anyone have an idea, where to look for a solution?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Matthias,

This could be a bad cable.
Do you have an optical fiber cable or the default one?

I would suggest replug the headset again, make sure it’s plugged firmly at the both end.
Besides that, you may file a ticket with our tech support and providing the video/log files when encountering the issue.


Thanks for the quick reply!
Tried reseating the cable but no luck.
I will write a ticket to support, just wanted to make sure I’m not missing something that is easy to fix!


You’re most welcome.

If please let me know if you didn’t receive any response from our support!

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Anyone in the future - this is a cable issue.
Upscaling mode is good as a temporary workaround, but then you have to ship the cable back… which could take up to a year.

I wish it was so easy. After ordering the 6m cable and a normal 2 usb one I can say that there is no difference with my issues. The only thing I have noticed, is that the longer I play the more often there are flickers in upscale mode until it goes black for about 20 seconds. I’m waiting for support to respond to my latest batch of logfiles to tell me if there is a difference between the cables in the data.