Headset request : Super lightweight Arpara form factor Pimax FRD/3K per eye micro OLED

I almost bought the Arpara but chose not to because the displays have a ghosting issue and the lenses are quite blurry from what reviews say.

Could Pimax make a super small lightweight and small form factor micro OLED Arpara competitor, using the Crystals 6K display? Maybe sacrifice the extra IPD adjustment for a smaller form factor? I don’t mean to s*** on the Crystal it looks amazing but there really is a market for something so lightweight and close to the face that you don’t feel it at all.

I’m not sure the Crystal is this because it would be nice to have something weighing 200-300 grams which doesn’t come far off the face so when you turn your head the headset doesn’t move around @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra What do you think can you make it happen?

Here is a photo showing how small it is (but 2.5kx2.5k per eye so 5k resolution and even more pixel dense than Reverb G2 and the 8KX vertically, although 12K and Crystal are more pixel dense with vertical pixels)

I can’t get specific on what panels anyone uses but I will just mention that a lot of the latest panels aren’t available in much volume. You also have to do a lot of lengthy burn-in testing to insure the fallout rates are acceptable, especially for bleeding edge components.