Headset VR Home


It may sound stupid but i was wondering if Pimax will create a VR home in the headset just like rift and steamvr when you put on the headset. I dont like getting out of the headset to start a game or to start Steamvr. All i see when i put on the headset are mountains and thats all ( I dont have vr controllers so that maybe why i dont see anything else or interaction or menu on screen to select the games). So ya, it just feels plain and boring, like you’re on a moon waiting for something to happen. Its no biggie but it would be nice to have a home.


I expected the mountains to be procedural and always changing but it’s just a static environment. Not sure why.

Ya, it just feels boring when you put on the headset and see this. If they want someone to model a home, im glad to ask my co workers at work to help out, im surrounded by many talent people.

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Yes it seems pimax does not have all the manpower and/or talent to work on advanced software solutions at this time. I hope they focus more on such things. They have made more progress it seems on the hardware side of things then software. I too would like to see somthing other then “pimax” when i start the headset. Then start steamvr from the pc. I hope someday someone will develop a pcvr solution to just be open when the pc is powered on. I really love the quest and its ability to be on my head, powered on and you control it all from there. We are definitely still in the early stages of this technology and the software side of things needs more or as much of the attention as the hardware is receiving. Lets hope it becomes more social and open allowing us to move between platforms freely and easily. Everyone is trying to build their closed ecosystem for their device when I feel the answer is in open ecosystems so everyone can flourish. Hopefully pimax continues to press vr forward in hardware and picks up on pressing the software side as well. :wink:

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